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IIPM 2.0

An initiative to take IIPM’s four decades of excellence in education and research, to empower students passing out of government recognized institutions and universities through technical collaboration for knowledge sharing with them. These institutions who enter into such a collaboration would be given the title of IIPM Center of Excellence.

About IIPM Center of Excellence

  1. ICE title is being given to various government recognized schools all across the country who spread IIPM’s economic vision, to give an intellectual edge to students through a technical collaboration of knowledge sharing with IIPM.
  2. From the year 2015, IIPM has decided to focus only on its core competence areas like International Economic Planning, the Great Indian Dream, Strategic Vision, Inspirational Leadership & Social Change, Advanced Economic and Political Thinking, Communication Skills and Personality Development, and take the same to government recognized institutions and empower their students.
  3. However, IIPM on its own, still plans to carry on its famed and number 1 ranked Global Exposure programmes from its premises in New Delhi.

4 world-class subjects (one per term) taught online by IIPM faculty to students of IIPM Center of Excellence!

  1. Indian Economic Development with specific focus on International Planning (1 credit)
  2. Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1 credit)
  3. Strategic Management (1 credit)
  4. Strategic Marketing (1 credit)

***(Kindly note that 1 credit represents 10.5 hrs of study)

IIPM 2.0 Global

  1. Its a 3 month multi certificate programme
  2. 9 days in USA, 15 days in Europe and 1 month in New Delhi
  3. World Class Exposure


Why is ICE Better?

ICE vs iipm?

IIPM 2.0 Global Advantage

IIPM 2.0 Global Certification

IIPM 2.0 Global Investments

IIPM Centers of Excellence

15 world-class deliverables that an ICE institute brings to you!

The Proposition

  1. To provide partner institutes/universities the IIPM-branded edge over the entire competition during the upcoming admission season.
  2. To provide unmatched industry readiness edge to students joining the IIPM Centers of Excellence.

HOW DOES A government APPROVED INSTITUTE get an ice title?

Write to us at ICE@IIPM.EDU to explore your institute's eligibility to get this title and after doing a due diligence of
your quality and government recognition we would get back to you.

The IIPM Edge

IIPM's core competence areas of excellence

  1. National and International Economic Planning
  2. The Great Indian Dream and the role of Entrepreneurship
  3. Global Exposure Programme