IIPM Gurgaon Guest Lecture

  Topic: "Monetary Policy"
Speaker: Dr. Leena Kaushal (Senior Manager, Helix Financials, India)
Date: 13th Jan, 2009
Total Students: 45

Dr. Leena Kaushal, Senior Manager, Helix Financials, India delivered a guest lecture on the topic "Monetary Policy" and cleared the air for the students who were enlightened on various tools, the RBI takes account of, in its effort in controlling the money supply in an economy. These tools, as mentioned below, are the part of monetary policy which plays a crucial role in controlling the various elements of Macro economy most importantly the Inflation. The aim of the lecture was to make Management students capable of interpreting the primary terms which all the financial newspapers comprehend on daily basis. The Tools which we discussed vividly were- CRR, SLR, Bank Rate, Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate. Moreover, Students had an open forum where they got the opportunity to discuss about Sub-Prime Crisis in USA and it’s after effects, flaws in Monetary Policy, and finally discussed about the working of bond market.

The enthusiasm and the interest with which the things were unveiled was one experience to cherish for long time to come for both the students as well as the lecturer.
  Topic: Guerrilla Marketing
Speaker: Dr. Girish Kathuria
Date: 25th October,08

Mr. Girish Kathuria is a Management and project consultant with over 18 years of experience. He has worked as senior manager decision quality and senior manger training in American Express Canada Inc., Toronto He has also held the Assistant Vice President position in Aptech  He has a doctorate  in computer science from Intercultural Open University(Netherlands) and MBA (specialization in marketing) from Mahrishi Dayanand University .He delivered a Lecture on Guerrilla Marketing which was attended by all the students of IIPM Gurgaon. The lecture was held in the auditorium. It was a very interesting lecture and he enlightened the students about the various aspects of Guerrilla Marketing like what is guerrilla marketing? Why and how do companies engage in Guerrilla Marketing, the various advantages and disadvantages of guerrilla marketing?  It was an interesting topic and was made more enthralling with the examples that Dr. Girish shared with the students. With the help of photographs he gave examples of companies using guerrilla marketing to increase the recall of their brand among the customers. After the lecture all the questions that the students had were answered satisfactorily.  All in all it was a great learning experience for the students.
  Topic: Practices for Corporate Excellence
Speaker: Mr. Hari Nair
Vice President (Head - Corporate Human Resources), Sona Koya Steerings
Date: July 12, 2008

Mr. Hari Nair, VP(HR)- Sona Koyo Steering  enlightened students on various aspects of Human Resource and briefed on what are the changing trends in HR strategies, how industrial relations work and how different companies use different strategies for achieving the required result. He highlighted the hidden truths and facts about the career prospects of a MBA-HR  graduate, Where he guided all students, how they should go through process of interview and win a job. He had also increased students understanding on what a MBA-HR graduate should seek forward before accepting a job, where he focused not much on remuneration but on Learning, Exposure & Brand.
The 2 hrs session was magnificently  covered by him through a presentation of approximately 110 power point slides. In which he had also shared his knowledge and experiences in HR, at his workplace ie Sona Koya Steerings
It was also an interactive & brain storming session as students were coming up with very smart questions about the Future opportunities of HR etc. Therefore the overall session was filled with lot of treasured information for students.
  Topic: “Importance of Soft Skills in Professional Life”
Speaker: Mr. Ashok Malhotra (CEO, Spark Leadership Incorporated)
Date: 16th June, 2008
Total Students: 35

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”. This statement was well justified by Mr. Ashok Malhotra, CEO Spark Leadership Incorporated who delivered a guest lecture on “Importance of Soft Skills in Professional Life” at IIPM Gurgaon.  According to Mr. Ashok, soft skills are those non – technical skills which add to the productivity of an individual. The upsurge in the service sector, there has been a sizeable requirement of young and frontline human resource. With this group coming in the high income segment the banking sectors and retail businesses have grown.

In spite of the fact that the service sector is growing exponentially the need for training and development is still a major area of concern. The learning and development sector is still unorganized and the area for growth is tremendous. Mr. Malhotra was eloquent about the fact that need for soft skills. He listed the essential of soft skills as communication skills, interpersonal skills, relations management, corporate etiquettes, emotional quotient, professional attitude, customer orientation and time management. He also emphasized on the importance of non-verbal communication.

In all, it was a very enriching learning experience which showed the students a different dimension and a better understanding of soft skills.

EYE BEE EM is Creative
Thank you sir
Let me explain
  Topic: “Innovation- a strategy for gaining competitive advantage”
Speaker: Mr. Tushar Makkar
Date: 13th June, 2008
Total Students: 29

Mr. Tushar Makkar is the Regional Head- Communication with IBM and is responsible for corporate communication for India and South Asia region of IBM. He delivered a lecture on “Innovation as a strategy for gaining competitive advantage”. He talked about how innovation is different from creativity, the importance of innovation in today’s world, data on survey of how the thinking of the CEO’s of top company’s is changing and how they are innovating the way a company is managed, how the world has become integrated and the impact of that on companies. He showed that innovation should not be only in the coming up with a new product category or improving on an already existing product, it can also be done in the service category or in the way an organization is managed. The most interesting part of his lecture was the case study of Airtel in which he showed how Airtel used innovation in setting up its network around the country without raising the money through loans or through public issue, as a strategy to beat the competition and become the top company within the telecom industry. Airtel collaborated with Nokia and Ericsson for it’s infrastructure needs, with IBM for it’s technical needs and thus it saved on a huge costs of setting up a network.

The lecture was very insightful and it helped students to know the importance of innovation to beat the competition.

Topic: “Management Preach and Practice”
Speaker: Mr. Vijay Jolly (Sitting MLA, Saket)

Date: 10th June, 2008
Total Students: 35

Mr. Vijay Jolly, asitting MLA from Saket delivered a guest lecture on “Management Preach and Practice”. He is a law graduate from Delhi University; he has been the Ex – President of Delhi University and also the President of Delhi Study Group. He has been co – conveyor of B.J.P. Overseas Cell. He shared his views about Management; according to him Management is beyond texts. He believed in the theory of what you preach you should practice too; his approach was towards logical conclusion. He also talked about what is the need of the hour? According to him the educated class should come forward and take the lead; young corporate managers should come upfront and think about the bright future of the country, and that we must realize the power of youth. We must plan ahead the time in order to take the nation at great heights. We must dream and aspire to achieve desired goals. The mool mantra of success lies in the communication skills of an individual which not only enhances one’s personality but also increases self – confidence.

The Lecture was very engrossing and absorbing and the students got the opportunity to gain knowledge about Management and need of the hour. The session was very informative as well as interactive which left the students with many more open dimensions of Management.

“We want more education”
  Topic: “Is Real Estate Really Real?”
Speaker: Mr. Ajay Mathur (VP, Clarion Group)
Date: 05th June, 2008
Total Students: 35

Mr. Ajay Mathur from Clarion Group delivered a guest lecture on “Is Real Estate Really Real?” He enlightened the students by not only making us understand what real estate is all about but also newer concepts in the sector, for example emergence of Nano Housing  because of the fact that 23.1% of the urban population lives in slums. He made a very clear picture as to the contribution; the sector has towards the GDP of India, the employment opportunity it creates, the future of the industry and how the ancillary industries such as cement, brick, timber etc are dependent on it. Overall, it was a complete change in the ideas and the thinking pattern of the whole batch giving them a new direction in their thinking.

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