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The Indian Institute of Planning & Management, one of India’s biggest and most admired business schools has broadened its wings of academic endeavor to Chennai. The launch of IIPM Chennai embodies 30 glorious years of its spirited history.

The first batch at IIPM Chennai with a group strength of 120 began with an orientation meet in the presence of its Director Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri (a renowned economic visionary), and the Dean Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri (noted economist, management guru and author of the no 1 best seller ‘Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch’).

The commencement of this batch also coincided with the launch of the book, ‘The Great Indian Dream’, jointly authored by Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri and Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, in Chennai.

IIPM came into existence in 1973. The founder director (Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri) took over as Research Professor and Director after resigning from professorship of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The first residential Full-Time Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Planning and Management of National Economy commenced on 12th August 1974.
After Delhi, IIPM started its center in Mumbai in 2002. With the passage of time, IIPM has now opened its campuses in Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Recession or no recession, IIPM has been able to woo in the very best of companies – MNCs and Indian corporate houses, to pick up its talented students. The institute has sought participation of more than 125 companies for campus placements each year, consistently for last 5 years, creating a record in India.

In the recently conducted Best B-Schools of India Survey by Business Barons magazine, IIPM was ranked 2nd in the industry interface section (ahead of 5 of the IIMs). Overall, it ranked 8th (ahead of 2 of the IIMs). In the Outlook magazine’s Top 25 B-School of Indian Survey, IIPM ranked 4th (ahead of 3 of the IIMs) in terms of industry interface.

IIPM made news in 2003-2004 when it got selected by United Nations Development Program as its key partner institution in India and got invited by World Bank Institute to be on its steering committee for a National Conference in Corporate Social Responsibility. IIPM was also in news when it surpassed the performance of five of the IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) to be ranked second in Business Barons: India's Best B-Schools survey (June 2003), in the Industry Interface index

IIPM's Chennai Campus, India
The Indian Institute of Planning & Management
IIPM Tower
145, Marshall Road
Egmore, Chennai
Phone: 91-44-55223310/11/12


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