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The highest quality Entrepreneurial Graduates are from IIPM, thanks to our Executive Communication skill sessions. Students at IIPM are empowered to undertake various activities on their own...

IIPM community is a mix of students from all cultures, education and work backgrounds. This fusion makes the whole experience enriching and enthralling. The rich diversity students closely working in groups help them in their intellectual growth and greater entrepreneurial skills.

Our students, each in their own ability and competency, have a potential to become able coordinators and managers. Students at IIPM are empowered to demeanor various activities on their own. As a result various committees and clubs have been formed by the students which help in the overall development of an IIPMite. Students at IIPM are given the authority and independence to prove their best. Apart from this the students are given global exposure by making them visit some of the renowned institutions and organizations of the world. In other words they get the atmosphere to crack the cocoon around them and enter the dynamic world.

Thanks to a superior entrance test and exceptional personality and oratory skills development training, IIPM students are the smartest in the country with arguably the best communications skills possible.

No wonder they have won countless awards including 1st Prize in debates at IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore, BITS Pllani, IIT Roorkee, ICFAI Pune, NMIMS, Chetna Mumbai, GNIM & JIMSII They also got the best debate team at Symbiosis, 1st prizes in JAM at Amity, in business game at LBSIM, in Case Study at Sydenhams, in Quiz at NMIMS, in Quiz at ICFAI Pune & in Quiz at BITS Pilani. IIPM reached the highest round at The Challenge-CNBC Show. IIPM students also won numerous other 1st prizes at other non-academic events like Fashion Shows, Antakshari etc. at the above mentioned competitions
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Campus Events
The gamut of events is what keeps the freshness of IIPM alive. Active minds and hearts is what this institute treasures and endeavours for. The mega events such as Aagman and Amaze break the age old tradition of celebrations. In other words there events redefine the very essence of post graduate studies. Moreover these events tend to dig, even the ‘slightest of talent possible’ out of an individual and make him/her feel enthralled and on top of the world. Also refer to the link IIPM branches and happenings.

For overall development of a student, IIPM has various clubs which focus on the student’s interest in varied field. The clubs give students the following edge :

Gives an opportunity to the students to come in contact with the industry & gain first hand knowledge.
Lays a platform for the students to work in a team & improve group dynamics.
Helps to develop leadership skills.
Helps to gain a sense of responsibility.

IIPM believes in providing its students a plethora of choices in grooming their acadmeic and extra curricular skills through various club activities that focus on polishing their skills in management, leadership and team building. An IIPM-ite gets to be a part of an extremely close-knit community. The IIPM campus provisions the students with an array of state-of-the-art amenities, and life at IIPM is not just confined to classrooms but also comprises multitudinous activities like extracurricular avocations, energetic events, competitive athletics and aesthetic endeavours.

To promote this, different activity based clubs have been created in IIPM, which primarily cover two broad categories - academic and non academic events. Activities organized by these Clubs include distinguished speakers, conferences, treks/trips, career fairs, and social events that enrich the entire community. A student can get involved with these clubs as a participant, member, or in running the club.

The following are the clubs that are there at IIPM

1. 4Ps (Marketing and Advertising)
2. Human Factor (HR)
3. Finex (Finance)
4. E2 (Economics and ENtrepreneurship)
5. G40 (IT)
6. SMG (Career Management)
7. Rhetorix (Debate and Cases)

1. Alchemy (Cultural)
2. Torque (Sports)
3. Stage (Theatrics)
4. HEAL (Wellness)
5. RECALL (Adventure)
6. Great Indian Dream (Social Activity)

All the events organized by the clubs, endorse the learning mind-set and sociable experiences at the IIPM campuses.
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In order to keep our young talents full of life and vigour, we encourage and organize lots of sports activity in the college. The list includes cricket, football, table tennis, billiards, chess, badminton, softball and many more. The institute organizes sports events every year for the students to compete in inter-class as well as inter-college tournaments. IIPM believes in healthy hearts and strong minds

To make the stay at IIPM a comfortable and exciting experience, IIPM provides various support services to its students.

Residential Accommodation : IIPM provides paying guest accommodation to the students as per the student’s requirements. The accommodation is within 4-5 km. radius from the institute with the entire basic infrastructure already provided. The college also provides dinner if requested by the student.

Transport Facility : For conveyance, buses are provided to the student from AIIMS to the campus.

Financial Aid: Students applying for educational loan can email their queries at or can contact Mr. Navraj, the Relationship Manager, at 9810641882.

*IIPM students get an additional facility of opening a student’s account at IDBI and UTI. For the convenience of the student’s, the sales executives will be available on campus on the day of reporting.