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IIPM is a highly dynamic place to be in. At times, we get surprised by our own pace at which we change. We teach entrepreneurship the same way we preach it at IIPM. We encourage students, faculty members and staff members to come up with newer ideas to change the way we do things every day, to think of spreading wings in newer frontiers and looking beyond the norms. It is for that reason IIPM today is also regarded as the most innovative Institute Initiatives are taken and encouraged in areas covering academics and research. IIPM Think Tank is one of IIPM’s most dynamic and Key initiatives.

The IIPM Think Tank

The credit mainly goes to the immense amount of research and publications that it brings out in association with Daily Indian Media.

The IIPM Think Tank, an independent, interdisciplinary and India-centric research body, is inspired by Dr. M.K. Chaudhuri’s vision of India as an economic powerhouse in the 21st century; a modern nation state where poverty becomes history and the underprivileged are not consigned to the dustbin of amnesia. The national presence (across seven nodes, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad) makes our understanding of the economy superior achieve considerable influence as a catalyst, bringing together and deploying the skills of an extensive network of experts, where in many research fellows, research associates, research assistants and program coordinators embark on research assignments and network with global intelligentsia that we built up over many years. Politically independent and non-profit, we promote developmental ideas through research reports, development reviews, briefings, seminars, media appearances and website. It aims to develop future ideas and interventions, which are both politically practicable and economically feasible and its work is addressed primarily to government officials and legislators, researchers and students, business executives, professionals, journalists, and all citizens interested in a serious understanding of government policy, the economy, and all other important socio-political developments.

IIPM Think Tank also organizes conferences in association with E2 (Economics and Entrepreneurship) Club at IIPM, and has a growing publications programme. It strives to retain its research and editorial independence, demonstrate its commitment, and live up to its developmental dictum, from the book ‘Great Indian Dream’: “restoring pride to a nation betrayed.”