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IIPM has been sponsoring laptops for all its students for over a decade, before any other Institute ever did. From the year 2013 onwards the same has been made conditional to eligilibility criterias. Laptops not only enhance their general computing skills but will also help them to work on their projects, assignments or paper presentations with much ease. With this facility the students will no longer spend late hours in the institute’s computer dromes, instead, they can work in the comfort of their residence.

As an additional feature, all the Six IIPM campuses, spread across six centres in the country, have been made wire-free with the installation of Wi-Fi devices. This will provide the students with an additional advantage of staying online for unlimited time, whenever they are in any of the campuses. IIPM provides all those facilities to its students that ensure the best academic environment for enriching their cause of pursuing academic excellence. This would help the students to gear up for global competition. The laptops are typically provided to the students during the final year of their study.

Students may note IIPM only offers Laptops from Multinational Brands whose prices are dependent on the prevailing foreign exchange rates.The institute is liable to deliver the laptops to students at any point of time during the last year of course duration .In the case the foreign exchange rates go up beyond 10% the Institute reserves the right to delay purchase and delivery of Laptops for students upto 30 months from the date of commencement of the second year till the prices are favourable.Fee adjustment options are also available against any undelivered laptops for eligible students. Student may contact the heads of the respective branches for the same .