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The Great Indian Dream

The GID Club has the objective of making India developed in health, education and employment by the year 2025. This will happen only when growth and development is targeted more importantly for the bottom 80% of India's population; thus the club aspires to strengthen the Indian economy from its roots by making the weaker section of the society more educated, aware, healthy and employable.

IIPM Ahmedabad organizes an event -Charity, Color and Auction

It is always beautiful to see young minds of our nation put to use. When IIPM students entered a room full of these young minds, they couldn’t help but smile. And the first word that came out of their mind was “CUTE”. That is how it all started. 14th March 2012 at 10:00 am all the students left from IIPM on a journey to bond with the unknown. 12 of our students had the opportunity to interact with 30 of GIDF students. The bonding with these students was started by telling them a story and performing a small skit in-front of them. After breaking the ice each student gathered a group of cute little angels and picked up colours and chart papers and scissors to craft. Helping those little angels with colours and crayons was a real experience .To see them colour the little flowers with pink, blue or green and help us with the photo frame was a feeling of joy for all of us. A strong bond was formed between all of the children and participants. The children helped colour flowers and make houses of ice-cream stick and chart papers. They also helped with the photo frame. It is true when they say that you are most creative at a young age. Surely many of them if they continue to peruse their interest in art will become great artists. Cards, photo frames, a house model, a rose flower and many more items made by the children were later auctioned in the market. It was great to see that people were willing to purchase a lot of things because they were able to see a genuine work of a 3 to 4 year and were really happy.

Presentation on Child Labour at IIPM Ahmedabad

Child Labour is a very grave situation for the entire mankind and has been worse in Asia including “India”. This activity saw great involvement from the student’s side and there were research and analysis of the statistics in the presentations. One group started their presentation with a very emotional video showing the reality and depth of the situation and then went on with the analysis and recommendations of how to solve the situation. The parameters on which the presentation was been judged were content, emotional touch, communication and recommendations. All the presentations had great recommendations. One of the presentations’s had a video in which the students had taken an interview in the local language of the parents of those kids who were involved in child labour. Some statistics were so intense that they were an eye opener for the judges as well as for the other groups. At the end of the day all of us understood and took a oath that at individual level we would do whatever possible from our end to stop child labour.

IIPM Ahmedabad conducts an event - Colour the Classroom

Under the banner of GIDF, students of IIPM Ahmedabad had a wonderful and life changing experience in the activity “Paint Thy Love”. 25 students visited the GIDF School on 12th March 2012. The task given to them was to decorate the school and make it bright and colourful for the students. All the IIPM Students were full of enthusiasm to decorate the classroom. Different ideas were flowing in the entire class. Some were thinking of putting alphabets and mathematical figures on the wall so that students can study well, while on the other hand some were thinking of flowers and kites. One-one wall was given to each group and they were asked to decorate the wall as per their desire. After 1 hour of chaos some were running in search of a pair of scissor or tape while the others were busy holding a design in their hand to place it on the wall. The end result was beautiful. At one wall we had mathematical figures like Triangle, Square, Plus, Minus, Divide, Multiply while on the other walls we had flowers and kites. After wrapping up everything it was a successful event wherein everyone were happy that they could add a smile on all the young faces and that they were extremely satisfied.

IIPM Ahmedabad conducts a session on social marketing

Guest session conducted for the students of first and second semester on CSR activity and its impact on business by Moushumi Benerjee, She has 20 years of experience in corporate as well as in social world. We were celebrating GIDF week from 12th March to 16th March 2012 at IIPM campus so during the celebrations, we also conducted one guest lecture under GIDF club. She explained the concept of corporate social responsibility that is represented by the contributions undertaken by companies to society through its core business activities, its social investment and philanthropy programs and its engagement in public policy. In recent years CSR has become a fundamental business practice and has gained much attention from chief executives, chairmen, boards of directors and executive management teams of larger international companies. They understand that a strong CSR program is an essential element in achieving good business practices and effective leadership. Moreover, she also gave the brief outline about key drivers of CSR which are as per following. [1] Enlightened self-interest. [2] Social investment. [3] Transparency and trust. [4] Increased public expectations of business. Students enjoyed the session as well as gained knowledge about CSR activity.

Blood Donation Camp at IIPM Ahmedabad

On 16th March 2012 – IIPM Ahmedabad under the banner of GID Club organized a blood donation camp. The Help Voluntary blood bank was actively involved in this activity. IIPM has been organizing blood donation camp every six months. The Help Voluntary blood Bank is actively involved in this activity. One day prior to the actual blood donation camp, a session on awareness was done by Help Voluntary blood Bank. With this thought the actual blood donation camp came into picture on 16th March 2012. There was an active participation not only from the students but from the faculty and staff too. The process of donating blood was very simple and it took just about 5-10 minutes for completion. The donors were given some snacks and drink to replenish the glucose levels immediately. The whole event was grand and successful leaving the mark in everyone’s mind about the cause for which they stood and happily satisfied at the end.

IIPM Ahmedabad celebrates GID Week

Students were highly excited and were looking forward to GID Week been celebrated at IIPM from 24th Sept to 29th Sept 2012.The theme this time was “Celebrating Employment Week”. Day 1 started off with a Debate Competition – “Employment in Social Sector – Boon or Bane” 10 students participated in the Debate Competition and threw light on various positives and negatives of employment in Social Sector. This gave the correct lift to the GID Week Celebration. Day 2 was most awaited and exciting for students; the visit to Blind People’s Association with 30 students paved a strong learning for the students in terms of livelihood created by those disabled and multi-disabled individuals. Students understood the process of generating better employed through various skills development classes which were imparted to them – carpentry, weaving, packaging, printing, teaching etc. Also, it was learned that the underprivileged were also given with the placement assistance after their course completion. It was an eye-opener for all students. Students like Karishma Sharma and Mansi Shukla have taken initiative to go there and visit them voluntarily on regular basis and take few vocational training sessions in order to upgrade the basic skills of disabled and underprivileged. This is how they have decided to contribute to their better future ahead. Also, the other students had donated clothes and other valuables. The day was enlightening and motivating for the people rehabilitating there. The students decided to collect money and contribute to the better learning of those individual’s learning for their future. Various interviews and interactions carried out by students entire day. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students as well as the habitants of BPA and a brief presentation on the same were given by the students in the campus. DAY 3 and Day 4, Students were given a task of creating a live movie on theme-“Employment”. Various Students came up with ideas and scripts to promote employment in the campus. Finally, Harshit Vyas,Pawan Chauhan, Krunal Bosamia, Namrata Raghvan and their batch mates created a movie on factors affecting employment. The movie showcased various creativity; hard-work and talent of students. The movie was shoot within the limited resources and time of 40 hours. The students also promoted the movie through YouTube and other social networking sites. The movie was screened in their class in front of all their batch mates. Indeed, the students did a terrific job within the limited time given to them and also managed to create the awareness of need of Employment in today’s world. Day 5: Students did a primary research on the conditions of employment-unemployment in backward areas of Ahmedabad. Students visited Ambawadi slum area and interacted with the slum residents to know the actual scenario. More than 50 families were surveyed on their income, source of income, their area of interests, their work profile, no. of unemployed people, and the nature of their work etc. The students compiled their data and presented their graphs on their questionnaire. It was a managerial learning experience for the students. Day 6: To enlighten students with practical knowledge, we had with us Ms.Hiral Soni – a social entrepreneur who has been working for the society for last 8 years. The guest lecture focused on various issues relating to women empowerment. She shared various practical experiences of women being preferred nowadays in Modern India. Various initiatives taken by government and NGOs for women empowerment was shared by her through numerous examples. Overall, the employment week celebrated under GID Club at IIPM Ahmedabad had been a learning experience for students through various assignments and tasks given to them.