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The Finex endeavours to maintain industry connectivity and take the students to the doorsteps of the professional financial services world; be it via Need The Dough, the quarterly journal, which periodically features write-ups from the students themselves, or via the annual seminar. It also facilitates and organizes online trading games which help hone the skills of future investment bankers and portfolio analysts.

Mad Money at IIPM Bhopal

On May 26, 2011, Thursday, the Finex Club at IIPM Bhopal, organized an event named “Mad Money”. The activity was about value shopping and at the same time, saving money. It was designed to make the students realize the importance of day to day financial transactions.

Finex Master by Finex Club at IIPM Bhopal

On September 2, 2011, Friday, the Finex Club at IIPM Bhopal conducted an event “Finex Master”. It was a contest designed to check the intellect of students when it comes to basic finance and accounting. Ten multiple choice questions about basic financial and accounting terms were asked to them. Top three scorers were selected as the winners of this contest. At the end, a short discussion took place where all students discussed and shared their knowledge on the said domain and clarified their doubts. It was an interesting activity and students enjoyed it.