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Industry Visit

Much classroom learning and personal learning aimed at self-improvement gets no further. That gulf between understanding and successfully applying is one of the largest in the management education realm. Thus, industry visits are an integral facet of IIPM’s learning model. This variant of deeply institutionalized practice enables the students to gain a deeper understanding of classroom teaching and gain practical exposure in real time. Through this, the glaring disconnect (between classroom lear

Industrial Visit by SMG Club at IIPM Bhopal

Students of IIPM Bhopal were taken for an Industrial visit to Makson Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Mandideep, Bhopal on June 13, 2011, Monday. This activity was facilitated through SMG Club.Makson Group was established in 1926. Its main areas of business are: Confectionary Machines, Contract Manufacturing and Gumbase. Their plants are situated in United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Oman, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Sharjah, Nepal, South Africa, Mauritius, Brazil, Zambia, Croatia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and many other countries. They are the largest contract manufacturers in India for multinationals such as Glaxo, Procter & Gamble, UniLever, Nestle, Lotte, Boots, etc. and numerous Indian giants like Cipla, Ranbaxy, Piramal Group, Nutrine, Dabur, etc. to name a few. Makson has its own international quality gumbase manufacturing plant at Surendranagar, which caters the need of gum product manufacturer in India and abroad.

Industry Visit to Bhopal Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Maryadit, (Sanchi) by IIPM students

An Industry Visit to “Bhopal Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Maryadit, (Sanchi)” was organized for the students of IIPM Bhopal on September 19, 2011, Monday. This activity was facilitated by SMG. Sanchi is the apex organization at the top of 3 tier structure of dairy cooperatives in Madhya Pradesh. It formulates policies, monitors and assists the Milk Unions in implementation of dairy development activities in the key functional areas including - Marketing, Field Operation, Quality Control, Monitoring & Planning, Administration, Finance, Purchase. Students were taken to the manufacturing plant where the various milk products are manufactured like different types of Liquid Milk, Ghee, White Butter, Shrikhand, Lassi, Peda, Flavoured Milk, Butter Milk, Paneer and Curd. Mr. R. K. Khare, Manager, Marketing, briefed them about the entire plant operation process from receipt of milk at dairy dock to dispatching of milk & milk products for distribution. It was an exciting educational experience for all students as they gained practical learning from this visit.