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Rhetorix (The Communication Club)

Rhetorix is the Debate & Communication Club at IIPM, The Indian Institute of Planning & Management. The club organizes Guest Lectures, Debates and other communication exercises for students. The club believes in "Building Orators" through a series of events and exercises. Among all the events organized by the Rhetorix Club, the most notable event being the annual Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Debate Competition.

Ice Breaking Session by Rhetorix Club at IIPM Bhopal

The Rhetorix Club at IIPM Bhopal conducted an ice breaking session with new students from batch – PG/SS/11-13 and UG/SS/11-14 and some students from batch – UG/ICHE-B/10-13 on June 18, 2011, Saturday. Under this event, two activities were conducted.First activity was Group Discussion on “Impact of MTV, FTV and Channel V on today’s Generation”. Students discussed their viewpoints on this topic among each other. They discussed the negative as well as the positive impact of these channels on today’s youth.

Just a Minute by Rhetorix Club at IIPM Bhopal

The Rhetorix Club at IIPM Bhopal conducted an event “Just a Minute” on July 16, 2011, Saturday. Students were given topics on the spot and they had to speak on that topic for one minute. The objective of conducting this activity was to check the communication skills of students and to provide them better listening, thinking and speaking training in a fun environment. Prof. Kuldeep Soni (Training & Development) evaluated the students on various criteria like speaking skills, presentation, content, etc. He shared his valuable feedback with students on the same. Certificates were given to the winners.

"News Reading Contest" by Rhetorix Club at IIPM Bhopal

The Rhetorix Club at IIPM Bhopal organized “News Reading Contest” on August 5, 2011, Friday. Students energetically participated in the contest. Each one of them chose one article from newspapers, magazines, etc. and presented the news. Some of them acted as news readers and some acted as news reporters.The objective of conducting this event was to enhance their reading and presentation skills. They came up with brilliant scripts and performed very well. Certificates were given to the winners.