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Iftar Party

The 10th July evening was once again an entertainment with Iftar celebrations. It started at 5:00pm with Sher-o-Shayeri wherein our judges awarded prizes on basis of their command on language, body language and presentation abilities. This attempt showed us the students were pretty confident with their stage presence. The event was followed by Iftar. The management and the students congratulated the Crucibles Club on their success of the Iftar celebrations.

Session on Logistics at Indian Shipyards

A session on logistics and Export Procedure gave our students a piece of mind of the export import scenario at the ship yards. The discussion followed by an insight on the facility management at the ship yards and also the export import market of the ships. It was indeed not only a session on the export import market but also on various managerial skills required at typical situations. The session ended on a note " A boss should be a leader with a Difference".

American Football League

Corporate American football ' clash of the titans ' Nervousness , excitement and adrenaline struck the students as the event was announced In college. American football a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field 120 yards long by 53.33 yards wide with goalposts at each end. The students held on to their dedication till the last drop of sweat fell from their ignited minds and bodies. The practice matches saw a lot of complications and ambiguities which paved way for a sense of demoralization. But the students were fighters and held on to their nerves. They fought their way out of all ambiguities, planned up effective strategies and thereby conquered a victory in the last training match. The victory reignited the fizzing flame in them. The students had a sleepless night as they brainstormed on their approach an tactics for the ultimate game that was lined up for them a few hours from then. The day finally came. A brisk Sunday morning with a touch of rains welcomed the beginning of the corporate elite american football league. With cheers,claps,and slogans, the students were all charged up for what was said to be one of a kind event. The students of IIPM marked their first victory against JNet Technilogies with a whooping score of 48-0. This paved way for them into the quarter finals. Exhausted breaths and tired limbs were restored By a quick meal as they prepared to enter the quarters. But the good journey so far had mark a curse. IIPM suffered a heart breaking defeat against Berkadia with a score line of 54-0. However, the players and the cheering crowd took that sportingly. They took it as a stepping stone as they swore to come back bigger and stronger in the next tournament. Standing ovations welcomed the players as they got off the field. The day ended on a remarkable closing ceremony and a team huddle, which till today, symbolizes teamwork and companionship. List of Players : 1. Rakesh ( captain ) 2. Maruti shah 3. Mukhpreet khurana 4. Akshay Karan 5. Anil T V S 6. Santen Krishna 7. Sudhacharan Reddy 8. Vamsi Goud 9. Naveen REddy 10. Akhil G 11. Kartik P 12. Tarun Vamsi 13. Vihari K R C 14. Shakeer .Md. List of Companies : 1. Watsapp 2. Berkedia 3. J Net Technologies 4. Purple Talk 5. Infosys 6. Prokarma 7. Mahindra Satyam 8. IIPM (The only B-School)

Freshers' Party-2014 IIPM Hyderabad & Chennai

For the ones who just boarded and the ones who are sailing it was a day lost in gala and fun. The Freshers Party-2014 at IIPM Hyderabad was not only getting to know each other better and seeking friendship for life time but was also a day when they framed themselves to become Global Leaders. Lost in the swing with their roaring energies the students eased out themselves setting a trend. The event would not have been any fun without the Chennai students pepping the air. If one side of the coin was for the students to have fun on the other side for the staff it proved what integrity is to make big success being one big IIPM family where we all belong to. The students thanked the Hyderabad & Chennai management for this memorable afternoon. EVENTS: Ms. & Mr. Fresher Ms. Veda Sree (Hyd.) Mr. P Karthik (Hyd.) & Mr. Vonod Kumar (Hyd.) Ms. Mahalakshmi Hari (Chn.) Mr. Sameer (Chn.)