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Torque (The Sports Club)

The primary idea of this club is to promote camaraderie in the batches through sports events and secondary aim is to encourage sports and games as an instrument for physical and mental agility. The club organizes competitive cricket tournaments, football matches, billiard competitions and many indoor games. Some of the major annual events of this club are the Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Cricket Tournament, GOAL – the Football Tournament and the Sports Week.

Sports day under the Torque club at IIPM Indore

With an intention to enhance the sportsmanship in the IIPMiets , we came up with 3 exciting indoor game competitions Pool, Table tennis and Carom. Student’s overwhelming interest came across with the pouring entries.On 6th of May’2011, the Indoor Sports Day under the Torque Club at IIPM, Indore proved to be a stage of rigorous challenges. Students participated and gave their best performance, though they had their friends playing against them.

Cricket match at IIPM Indore

In the past quarter, the cricket fever hit the nation hard, after our victory in the world cup followed by the last season of IPL. Taking this fever to higher temperatures IIPM, Indore arranged a Cricket match on the 2nd of July’2011 under the Torque club. With 4 teams playing in the preliminary rounds trying to score that coveted position in the finals and a chance to defeat our faculty, the entire atmosphere was filled with excitement. After a long rainy week, the city finally was blessed with a lovely sunny weather which just added to the exquisite atmosphere that was built up. Students of all sections and batches gathered to cheer for their favorite teams and players. With each six and four and all the catches and ibw’s the crowd just went crazy, screaming. The atmosphere during the final match between the Faculty n the winning team, was so inviting that even the by standers were tempted and at many times showed the inclination to play along. The cheers doubled with the victory of their very own faculties.

The Safari Adventure Trip by IIPM Indore

The majority of people think that an adventure needs to take place in a foreign land over many arduous months of exhaustion, struggle, eating packaged food and dreaming of the end, But here at IIPM INDORE we have turned it wrong at the adventure trip conducted by the IIPM Events team on 23rd may 2011, Under the Torque club.The adventure began soon as the student stepped into Safari Adventure park, a place where we promised tons of fun to our students and gave them the same. The students soon started with the energizing games. In spite of which initially they were struggling with the series of hurdles which were placed but later each of them rejoiced, when they could cross the hurdles.