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4Ps (The Marketing Club)

The 4Ps Club believes in serious academic pursuits in the areas of marketing. It primarily exists to enrich and complement the class room educational experiences, wherein the overarching objective is enhancement and upgradation of marketing fundamentals. The various initiatives taken under the club helps students to understand the topics and issues relevant to the marketing field. The new mantra of 4Ps Club's is Power, Passion, Perspective and Persuasion.

IIPM Kolkata organizes guest lecture with Mr. Pramod Maloo Founder of Kreative Machinez

The guest lecture was conducted by IIPM Kolkata on Online Marketing. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Pramod Maloo, Head and Founder at Kreative Machinez. His area of specialization is digital marketing and has worked as a digital consultant in Quasar Media Pvt. Ltd. The topic of discussion included the marketing strategies adopted by various companies as it is regarded as a functional aspect of marketing strategy. Mr.Maloo also explained the difference between the online marketing or e-marketing and e-commerce. Any business marketing using online media is known as e-marketing, while on the other spectrum, if there is financial transaction involved with the electronic process using internet technologies, it is e-commerce. It was quite an interactive session and a learning experience for the students.

4P’s club of IIPM Kolkata conducts Ad Zap and Quiz for its students

On the 23rd and 24th of August, 4Ps club of IIPM Kolkata came up with a very creative and intelligible competition for the students. The first day saw IIPM’s probably most favorite and loved contest and the perfect suitor for this marketing club - The Ad Zap. In this seven groups were selected and were given 20 minutes to prepare for a 3 minute role. Play and jingle was judged by Prof. Bijan Duttagupta and he crowned the team of Sagar Sahu, Diptesh Chowdhury and Hiten Patel as winners. The next day saw the very interesting and informative marketing quiz in which the questions were framed by Mr.Samrat Sanyal. In the finals, 14 teams were ultimately selected. This round had the most exciting questions about identifying the brands and a specially designed audio-video round had the jingle of one advert combined with the visual of another advert and the contestants had to separate the two and identify the brands. The team comprising Yash Nahata, Shilpa Jain and Pokraj were declared as winners. This event was well thought, executed and presented which left a smile on the audience face.