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Industry Visit

Much classroom learning and personal learning aimed at self-improvement gets no further. That gulf between understanding and successfully applying is one of the largest in the management education realm. Thus, industry visits are an integral facet of IIPM’s learning model. This variant of deeply institutionalized practice enables the students to gain a deeper understanding of classroom teaching and gain practical exposure in real time. Through this, the glaring disconnect (between classroom lear

The Journey of Educational Fun

IIPM Kolkata on 3rd March 2014 organized a Rural Trip in East Midnapur to a human hair factory More than an educational trip, it was fun trio where education was fun. The trip truly served its purpose by making the student understand the marketing and business strategies which are applicable in the rural areas and the methods of works which can be successful in those areas. The students visited places where hair processing works were going on and got to know about how the works are done and processed step by step. Finally they reached the factory and saw many works working on hair. There was a warehouse where all the processed hairs were kept and the person in-charge explained how these hairs will be turned into wigs and extensions. These hairs are made into wigs and extensions of different colors. Fashion is closely related to hairs and this industry serves this purpose of supplying it. This industry of human hair along in Chandipur district earns more than Rs.200 Crores of turnovers on average. Imagine the kind of aggressive market they are getting into. These are exported to China and Latin America This trip was out of the box experience for me. It was informative as well as fun oriented.