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Seminars & Conferences

Corporate seminars, guest lectures and student conferences are an integral part of academic orientation for the students at IIPM. The institutes organizes large-scale conferences designed to bring higher levels of value and thought leadership to IIPMites. They proffer a broad, over-arching view to the global trends and issues affecting business education. Seminars are centered around content and relatively small in scale, permitting only a limited number of participants. These learning sessions


The one hour session got more than 50 students of different batches (predominantly freshers ) ending their day with ZUMBA- an intense high-cardio workout that helps burn 350-600 calaroies in an hour. Workshop was organized on Tuesday (12.30- 2.00) by DANSATION under the guidance of internationally- certified ZUMBA instructors. Workshop started with some warm-ups followed by ZUMBA steps with some nice heavy music. ZUMBA didn’t require any previous experience with dance and also the fitness level or age didn’t matter. All the students had enjoyed to core along with shedding some calories. That one hour was filled with fun, never imagined that a workout session can be so much fun. Nice to see many students in one place with similar interests. This Latin-inspired high energy fitness workout is big now. IT WAS FUN… IT WAS A PARTY… IT WAS A GREAT WAY TO WORKOUT…

Football Tournament

Football fever was witnessed in the IIPM campus on Friday and Saturday respectively that is on the 18th and the 19th of July 2014 respectively, where 4 batches , 4 different semesters along with the faculty locked horns to clinch the trophy .The teams were given jerseys of their favorite teams and were asked to make a team of 9 players , initially they were playing one by one against each other, teams were Germany ,Brazil,Italy,Argentina and Netherlands. Germany , the fall winter batch started out with a band defeating Argentina 5 - 0 , Argentina being the new entrants , the new folks of the college, and then killed Italian hopes of winning by defeating them by 3 - 0 and they drew with Brazil , their competition . In the semi finals, the faculty team Netherlands faced Brazil and the Germans faced Italy , Netherlands broke the Brazilian dreams by defeating them 5 -1 and Germans slapped Italians 3-0 to make sure that the Italian job was not done properly , in the finals , two of the best teams met , the Netherlands and the Germans, where , in a tough tussle , some great aggression, controversies and huge arguments took place, however, Netherlands came out as the winners by defeating the Germans 6-1, it was a fun event as we saw different batches coming together on a Saturday afternoon, eating , playing , discussing strategies, trying to win the trophy , we learnt a lot spent time with each other and understood the significance of sports , apart from management education, such events should happen every now and then to enhance more faculty student interaction and to bridge the gap and to help students feel more attached towards the college and develop a sense of belongingness and affection towards the college and its students. We hope IIPM Kolkata witnesses more of such events and the students take part with full zeal and confidence.