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Torque (The Sports Club)

The primary idea of this club is to promote camaraderie in the batches through sports events and secondary aim is to encourage sports and games as an instrument for physical and mental agility. The club organizes competitive cricket tournaments, football matches, billiard competitions and many indoor games. Some of the major annual events of this club are the Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Cricket Tournament, GOAL – the Football Tournament and the Sports Week.

IIPM Kolkata organizes a Table Tennis Tournament

Torque Club of IIPM Kolkata organized a Table Tennis Tournament held within the campus itself on the 24th and 25th of January which was the first sports event of the year. The event started with fourteen of the best players of the college competing for glory and after the first round, seven quarter finalists made it along with one more entering through a wild card entry, like reality TV, only that reality doesn’t get any better. Four intriguing quarter final matches were witnessed by a cheering crowd played by the four semi finalists. The final match was played between Neil Christopher from BBA and Shubham Banerjee from MBA, but victory belongs to only one in the end and hence the title of Table Tennis Champion was earned by Neil Christopher with scores as close as 20-15 and 20-19 in two breathtaking matches. This event was not only entertaining but refreshing and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students of IIPM Kolkata and was a great way to kick start the year of 2012.

IIPM Kolkata organizes a Table Tennis Tournament

The Torque Club of IIPM Kolkata organized a Table Tennis Tournament but with a twist, it was played by the faculty and staff members of the college. As TT happens to be IIPM Kolkata’s favourite sport, the tournament started on 26th May 2012 where faculty and staff members Mr. Aniruddh Banerjee, Mr. Apurva kumar and the Dean Prof. Amlan Ray participated. The Finals were played on 28th May and progressed in three sets. The final match was played between Senior Manager Mr. Apurva Kumar and Prof. Amlan Ray with ludicrous energy. Mr. Apurva Kumar emerged victorious.

IIPM Kolkata organizes the event “Clash of the Titans”

On 1st September 2012, IIPM Kolkata witnessed a clash of epic proportions as the winners of the Goal Tournament locked horns with a team of IIPM Faculty members in a fight to the finish. The RED team, consisting of the students was crowd favorites as they showed why they had won the football tournament conducted last month. The team comprising of faculty members displayed great skills and technique as they matched their younger counterparts blow by blow, kicks by kicks. After a grueling 1 hour, the students emerged as winners with a 2-0 lead over the faculties. The faculties played well than the score line suggests as students team were given a run for their money. The game was played in the best of spirits and after the match the students and the teachers celebrated together.

IIPM Kolkata’s Torque Club organized ‘Goal- A Football Tournament’ among students

On the 27th and 28th of August , IIPM Kolkata's Torque Club organized "Goal- A Football Tournament" where four teams consisting of IIPM students locked horns in the football field in a 60 minute football match. The Teams were RED, WHITE, BLACK and BLUE, consisting of 15 players each. The students displayed great skill and techniques as they dribbled the ball and tried to score a goal. After a full day of adrenaline pumping and soaring throats the captain Dipankar and his Red team emerged as the champions. The players of winning team each got gold medals and a trophy from Mr.Apurva Kumar, GM Administration, Events and International Relations, and Prof. Aniruddha Banerjee GM, Academics. The tournament was played in the best of spirit and the runners up team Black exchanged t-shirts and congratulated the winning team. The runners up also received Silver medals along with certificates. The winning team then posed for final group photographs with the faculties.