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Industry Visit

Much classroom learning and personal learning aimed at self-improvement gets no further. That gulf between understanding and successfully applying is one of the largest in the management education realm. Thus, industry visits are an integral facet of IIPM’s learning model. This variant of deeply institutionalized practice enables the students to gain a deeper understanding of classroom teaching and gain practical exposure in real time. Through this, the glaring disconnect (between classroom lear

Industry visit to Dalmia sugar mills

An industrial trip to Dalmia Sugar Mills, Jawaharpur , Uttar Pradesh was organized on 5th April 2011 by IIPM Lucknow . The students were able to gain real perspective of the shop floor in a manufacturing organization. Our students were given an insight into the supply chain management of one of the biggest sugar manufacturing unit in India, and also learnt more about the structure, size and mechanism of its operations. Thereafter, the students were given a guided tour of the shop floor, and each