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Recall (The Adventure Club)

Teamwork, leadership, motivation and the spirit of management are topics that cannot be taught. They have to be learnt by experience. This, precisely, was the thought that lead to the conceptualization of the Recall Club. And along with the learning, an important aspect considered was learning outside ‘classrooms’. Keeping these thoughts in mind, The Recall Club started its journey, offering a package of 'the spirit of learning.'Since its inception, The Recall Club has organized various student

Adventure trip to Shimla at IIPM Lucknow

Recall Club of IIPM Lucknow conducted an adventurous trip from 30th Sept' 11 to 3rd Oct' 11 to Shimla, the Queen of hill stations. Students were all excited and geared up for the trip. The trip started with a rip-roaring train journey to Shimla. When in Shimla, students indulged themselves in horse riding, gun shooting, car racing, river rafting etc. Students also went to Mall road, Kufri and also tried traditional outfits of Shimla. Students were mesmerized by the panoramic beauty of the place. Overall it was a fun filled trip for the students with a bunch of crazy adventures.