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4Ps (The Marketing Club)

The 4Ps Club believes in serious academic pursuits in the areas of marketing. It primarily exists to enrich and complement the class room educational experiences, wherein the overarching objective is enhancement and upgradation of marketing fundamentals. The various initiatives taken under the club helps students to understand the topics and issues relevant to the marketing field. The new mantra of 4Ps Club's is Power, Passion, Perspective and Persuasion.

Inter class Notice Board competition

A Notice Board Competition was organised for the batch PGP/10-12/FW. Students were invited to decorate their notice boards which were specially allotted for their respective classes under the theme of Know the Brand.The rules were simple, anybody in the form could take part and all materials had to be sourced by the students themselves. The result as you can see for yourself from the pictures is an outstanding credit to the artistic skills of our students of the first year cohort.Using a variety

Brand Game Quiz on Logos at IIPM Mumbai

On September 28, 2011, the 4 P’s club conducted an event – “Logo Game” at IIPM Mumbai. The game was about identifying hidden messages/signs/information within the logos of various enterprises, organizations, etc. All students were divided into groups (three members per group). Three rounds were played and the team with the highest score was declared as the winner. The activity was designed for students, not just to enhance their knowledge of different brands and logos but also to make them understand that a logo carries much more information and meaning apart from being a graphic mark or an emblem embodying an organization/enterprise. In the end, a short discussion was held wherein they discussed that designing a logo requires clear idea about the concept and values of the brand as well as understanding of the consumer or target group as marketers call. It was altogether a fun filled and interesting event and students enjoyed it thoroughly.

Guest Lecture on "Real Estate and Mortgages and soft skills required for marketing" By Mr Suraj Bhadsavale Sr. Manager HDFC - IIPM Mumbai

IIPM Mumbai organised a guest lecture session on Real Estate and Mortgages and soft skills required for marketing for the first year students PGP/ 11-13/ fall batch. The Indian Real estate market is one of the fastest growing industry and hence one of the most competitive industry in today’s market. To throw some light upon the same IIPM, Mumbai invited Mr. Suraj Bhadsavale a Professional NLP trainer and Sr. Manager Business Development – HDFC - Home Loans to share his views on “Dynamics real estate marketing”. This session highlighted various strategies used, by companies today, as marketing tools to expand their market scope. He stated examples of his company- HDFC Home loans has been using and how the changing market has demanded a change in the marketing strategies that the company need to adopt. And this time he imparted with few excellent examples gathered from the industry interface over the years with the students. This session initiated debate amongst students as well between the students and the speaker. However it was this factor that contributed to the success of this inspiring and invigorating session.