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The Great Indian Dream

The GID Club has the objective of making India developed in health, education and employment by the year 2025. This will happen only when growth and development is targeted more importantly for the bottom 80% of India's population; thus the club aspires to strengthen the Indian economy from its roots by making the weaker section of the society more educated, aware, healthy and employable.

IIPM Mumbai organizes a Blood Donation Camp

With an aim to create social awareness among the students, IIPM in association with “Think Foundation” and “MGM blood bank” conducted a blood donation drive at the campus on 15th & 16th March 2012. Mr. Vinay Shetty from Think Foundation briefed the students how the blood donated, saves lives of many people. He also congratulated the students for actively taking up the initiative to donate blood and for this occasion. There was an active participation from the student’s side. The blood donation camp was an eye opener, which made them realize that they can also contribute towards the welfare of the society even in small ways and make a big difference. About 90 students including the staff donated blood and it was one of the successful events. GID club also organised the stem cell registry. Hundreds of men and women are relying on the Stem Cell Donor Registry to find a compatible donor. A stem cell transplant is often their last chance of overcoming a serious illness. Hence volunteering to donate by enrolling on Stem Cell Donor Registry is very simple. All you have to do is devote a little time and be prepared to donate stem cells to anyone who needs a transplant. 35 students along with the staff members registered themselves with this registry. Students are eagerly waiting for the next initiative from the GID club to happen so they can extend it to teaching fraternity and also involve corporate as well.

IIPM Mumbai conducts a session on CSR

IIPM and GID club organised a session on “The Social impact and importance of CSR”. Dr. Narayan Iyer - CEO and National Co-ordinator of Indian Development Foundation (IDF) was the honorary guest speaker. He explained the students that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly important activity to businesses nationally and internationally. As globalisation accelerates and large corporations serve as global providers, these corporations have progressively recognised the benefits of providing CSR programs in their various locations. CSR activities are now being undertaken throughout the globe. Overall the session was enthralling for the students as Mr. Iyer also explained various concepts with the help of some videos. In a nutshell the session was very interesting, educative and inspiring for the students.

IIPM Mumbai conducts an event- Charity Colour and spring

Students of the GID club organised an event called Charity, colour and spring. The students visited the school and created some paintings and some creative articles like bookmarks. Some of the paintings were laminated and will be sold as table mats. Overall the event was very inspiring and the kids enjoyed a lot and the students of IIPM were very happy to play and participate in such activity organised by the GID club. Students of IIPM are very excited to participate in such wonderful events in the future.

IIPM Mumbai conducts an event -Paint Thy Love

The students of the GID club organised a special event called “Paint Thy Love” for the GIDF School. The school was decorated with different festoons, stickers’ balloons and also students of IIPM Mumbai played many games with the small children. Chocolates were distributed amongst the kids. The GIDF School in the heart of the slum stands as an oasis in the desert for the innocent kids. It fosters self confidence and a means to a life of dignity by teaching them basics and providing them a sense of normalcy in their chaotic lives.

IIPM Mumbai celebrates GIDF Foundation Day

ACM GIDF celebrated Foundation Day on the 29th March 2012. A function was organized for all the little children from our education programme. Several performances were performed by the children as well as the IIPM students who had also participated in the function. Chocolates were distributed among the kids; IIPM students played various games with the kids and enjoyed a lot. Overall the foundation day celebration was very exciting and everyone enjoyed a lot.


GID Club of IIPM Mumbai organised a “Go Green Tree Plantation Drive” on 22nd June 2012 on the occasion of World Environment Day in its endeavour to create awareness amongst the general public by telling them to keep our environment clean and green. IIPM Mumbai celebrated THE WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY and successfully planted 90 trees at a housing society in Jogeshwari where there were no trees at all. Efforts have been taken by 50 students of the new spring summer batch 12-14. Overall it was a successful event and also students enjoyed it. We expect to take up more such events in the times to come.

Environment Day Seminar at IIPM Mumbai

GID Club of IIPM Mumbai organised a “Environment Day Seminar” on 18th June 2012 on the occasion of World Environment Day in its endeavour to create awareness amongst the students. The objective of celebrating the World Environment Day is an attempt to bring about a better understanding of the effects of environmental degradation on our planet. Mr. Aunali Rupani said that there is lack of commitment in government sector regarding environment protection. He was of the opinion that available resources in the government sector allocated for environment protection were not being utilised on merit. Overall it was a successful seminar and also students enjoyed it. We expect to take up more such events in the times to come.

'Gift a smile' an event organized by the GID Club Mumbai

IIPM Mumbai campus was filled with smiles, colors, giggles, food, music, chocolates and laughter as the students celebrated Christmas with the little children from the orphanage. The students of IIPM organized various activities for them and showered them with love and gifts, and in return got beautiful smiles from these beautiful people. It will be a day that will be remembered and cherished by all.