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Torque (The Sports Club)

The primary idea of this club is to promote camaraderie in the batches through sports events and secondary aim is to encourage sports and games as an instrument for physical and mental agility. The club organizes competitive cricket tournaments, football matches, billiard competitions and many indoor games. Some of the major annual events of this club are the Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Cricket Tournament, GOAL – the Football Tournament and the Sports Week.

IIPM Mumbai conducts a cricket tournament

IIPM Mumbai – Torque club had organised a Cricket Tournament for the batch PGP/10-12/ FW-SS, PGP 11-13 Nov, UGP10-13/SS, UGP/11-14 /SS & UGP/10-13/FW – SS. Cricket is arguably the most popular sport among youth. Inter class tournament between IIPM and ISBE was the perfect idea to begin with. Even before the match, teams were in full spirit and quite excited to fight against their competitors. It was a friendly, limited over match but the wrath and fire to win was really prominent. The players were quite enthusiastic and energetic, even the audience were no way behind to cheer them up. No doubt it was a cut throat competition but ISBE won the match by 30 runs as the opposition could manage only 50 runs at the loss of 4 wickets. Winners were awarded with certificates.

IIPM Mumbai organizes Gameplex competition

IIPM Mumbai had organised a Gameplex competition for the students of all the batches. Various games like whipped cheetos, messy mess, flip your cups, paper dressing etc were organised for the students. The students were very excited and participated in the event. They enjoyed these games. After this there was a small singing competition held for the students. Overall the competition was too exciting for students and the faculty members.

Torque Club, IIPM Mumbai organizes a Holistic Health Workshop

Torque Club, IIPM Mumbai had organised a Holistic Health Workshop on 18th December 2012. The objective of the workshop was to enable students to reduce their stress levels on a day to day basis and combat stress using integrated, holistic techniques, besides • Managing challenging daily situations with greater calmness • Enhancing productivity, improving focus and concentration • Increasing clarity of thought • Improving overall health and well being Speakers: Ms. Hetal Sanghavi (Sr. Mktg Manager – Mickey Mehta’s gym) Ms. Shobha Rajgopal (Nutritionist - Mickey Mehta’s gym) Mr. Aunali Rupani (Rtn. Trustee IDF & Financial Analyst)