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4Ps (The Marketing Club)

The 4Ps Club believes in serious academic pursuits in the areas of marketing. It primarily exists to enrich and complement the class room educational experiences, wherein the overarching objective is enhancement and upgradation of marketing fundamentals. The various initiatives taken under the club helps students to understand the topics and issues relevant to the marketing field. The new mantra of 4Ps Club's is Power, Passion, Perspective and Persuasion.

IIPM Delhi in association with Woodland and Red tape conduct a competition - The Brand guru

IIPM do not only focus on academic development but also always on one's overall growth & improvement, thus encouraging each student to explore and evolve, in pace with this dynamic business environment. On 9th February, 2012 IIPM, New Delhi's club 4Ps in association with country's leading brand Red Tape and Woodland conducted an ad-making competition, known as “THE BRAND GURU". The students had to prepare a promotional strategy on Red Tape formal shoes with respective to details on segmentation and targeting. The projects were evaluated by Mr. Shuja Mirza, VP Marketing, Red Tape with an accolade of certificate to each member of the winning team. The winners were Kumar Vasnani, Harshita Singh, Vikrant Katoch, Piyush Jethalya, Amarjot Singh, Priyambada Singh, Vikrant Goud from winter 11-13. The second session of this exclusive competition was on Woodland Waterproof Shoes. The project was judged by Mr. Harkirat Singh, MD of Woodland and the Deputy General Managers Mr. Nitin Sharma and Mr. Rohit Mahajan of Woodland, visited IIPM Campus to reveal the result. Out of the 70 students who participated, the winners were Ajay Verma, Akhil Jamwal, Raj Guru, Rajesh, Supriya Sikka for the FMC (FW 10-12) .The initiative of such event was to confluence theoretical knowledge with concepts of branding from leading brand owners of India Inc.

IIPM Delhi students visit Suraj kund Crafts Mela for exclusive educational exposure

An exclusive educational exposure was conducted at 26th Suraj Kund Crafts Mela by IIPM New Delhi for writing a case study on ‘Efficiency of framing a rural fair’. This case study writing was done by the students from various batches based on the information gathered during their visit to the fair. The fair was an amalgam of “ craftsmen, skilled artisan, social entrepreneurs, folk artists” Everyone displaying their art in form of Products, services, theatrical art forms. The showcase was a blend of Old Indian tradition with modern science. The participants curiously analysed things on basis of primary data collected during the fair. The case studies where evaluated on 27th February. Karan Anand, Lokesh Chopra, Priyambada Singh, Rajeev Ranjan from the Winter batch 10-12 won the competition and they were awarded with the certificates by Mr.J.P Singh Director of Justplainandsimplae Consulting Pvt.Ltd. Also Abhirbav, Sonal Poddar ,Prerana from the batch UGP SS 11-14 were awarded by Mr. Ranjan Paul for the best case study.

IIPM Delhi students participate in Research Paper & Article Competition at JIMS auditorium

5 students from IIPM, New Delhi were invited to present Management Article by Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies as part of their Research Paper & Article Competition for Management students. Christened as ‘Pragati 2012’, 30 Business schools across Delhi & NCR participated in the competition, out of which 8 Business School was invited for the presentation. IIPM, New Delhi was among this esteem list, where the students presented the management article on “Pink City; A destination for spring?” and the report was based on primary data collected from exclusive meetings with RTDC officials. The winners were Dheeraj Sharma (FC6), Piyush Sharma, Priyambada Singh (WA1), Ravish Taneja (FB1), Rishabh Sobti (WPA1) who was awarded the third prize.

IIPM New Delhi organizes a co-ordination competition on 'Strategic Comparison of 2 leading QSR brands - McDonalds and KFC'

4Ps Club of IIPM, New Delhi organised a co-ordination competition on 'Strategic Comparison of 2 leading QSR brands – McDonald’s & KFC'. During the competition, 7 groups where formed, each group comprising of 6 members. 2 of these members from each group where taken for an exclusive Kitchen tour to Mc Donald’s on 14th May and the next day (15th of May) 2 other members from all the six groups where taken to KFC for a similar Kitchen tour. During these two consecutive tours, students interacted with the managers & crew-members from both of these leading QSR brands of India Inc and learned the operational process. The next 7 days went on for preparing the other two members in each group to give the presentation on 22nd May on strategic Comparison of Big Mac & KFC. So the end result was, each group (which comprised of UG & PG students both) 2 persons collects primary data from Mc Doanld’s, 2 from KFC and other 2 gives the presentation that’s the challenge of Co-ordination. The purpose of this visit was to build knowledge as to how the products are prepared wherein the managers of different stores discussed about their respective kitchens and the preparation as to what are the differences in the kitchens and the kind of products which are prepared. Mr. Deepak Ranjan Patra, Senior Editor in Planman Media was the evaluator who awarded Divya Handa, Bhavya Handa, Kartikay Singh, Rahul Agarwal, Aanchal Singla, Satish Goyal of FW 11-13 as the Champions of the competition. Students had a great experience and their enthusiasm was the best. The participants where also enhanced with certificates from McDonald’s & KFC respectively.

IIPM Delhi conducts Live Project Tour on 'Ethnic element of tribal and natural resources in Chhattisgarh'

IIPM’s 4Ps Club & Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, co-operated to conduct an exclusive field study on ‘Ethnic element of tribal & natural resources in Chhattisgarh' from 25th May 2012 to 31st May 2012. As a part of this live project 10 students from IIPM, New Delhi was invited in Chattisgarh to have an exposure to the ethnic tribal life in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. Such experience enhanced the students with economics, eco-system of tribal community. Interacting with rural denizens & tribal communities made the student understand managerial issues like earnings, team work and even role of woman in a society and such learning provides the perfect picture for Social Marketing. Mr. Narender Shukla, Director, Culture and Archaeology, Chhattisgarh specifically said, “I appreciate IIPM for bringing in such effective field works where the student get an exposure to real economics and not theoretical discussions as evinced in other institutions.” Ms. Rashmi Gupta, Tourist officer, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, “This group from IIPM was very determined to do a field study in extreme rural India like Bastar, which is very rare in any management institute.” Coming back to Delhi, these PG Students – Dheeraj Sharma (from FC6), Ashish Pandey, Mikesh Gupta, Rabish Taneja (from FB-1) and Ajit Jha, Mridul Malhotra, Rishabh Shobti, Rajdeep Kaur, Sanjana Khetrapaul, Shreya Yadav (FW-1) would be submitting a research paper to the Ministry of Tourism, Chhattisgarh, to be evaluated by the MD of tourism board.

IIPM Delhi conducts Vth inter-state visit to Ludhiana and Amritsar

It commenced with a book reading session on ‘The Black Swan’ and ended with a finale where students were awarded for their amazing dedication and excellence. The Vth Inter-State visit to Ludhiana and Amritsar, organized by IIPM New Delhi and 4Ps Club was conducted during 25th June to 27th June with 33 amazingly buoyant and brilliant students from various sections. The trip included a visit to the Monte Carlo factory where students experienced first-hand, how the production process works. The employees at Monte Carlo enjoyed the interaction as well. "This was our second interaction with IIPM Students and we appreciate the eagerness they show to understand production process," Roop Singh Rana, Head of Department (Design) at Monte Carlo said. The students also took part in various other events such as "Group Dynamics & Creating a group synergy", "Business Information Assimilation (based on Economic Times)" and a book reading session on "Tuesdays with Morrie". With a jam-packed three day schedule the students returned tired, but definitely wiser and more experienced.

IIPM Delhi organizes a B2B Marketing Case Study Competition

3rd July, 2012, 4Ps Club in collaboration with Solid Solar organized a B2B Marketing Case study competition. 60 students in group of 8 participated in this magnificent managerial event where they nicely presented to the Director of Solid Solar- Ms.Shubhra Mohanka professional solutions related to solar energy. In this exclusive event students interacted with industry intellectuals who are managing business professionally and practically. The runners up where Bharat Chopra, Adarsh Kushal Sharma, Sukhdeep Singh and Kunal Talreja from (SU2 section. And the 1st prize winners where Mridul Malhotra, Mayank Sharma and Rishabh Sobti from WPA1, 2nd prize winner are Harneet Singh, Nikhil Gulati, Aditya Chaturvedi from SA1 and the 3rd prize winner are Ammara Khurshied , Moumita Samanta, Navpreet Negi .

4Ps Club and GID Club commemorated charm and charisma of Gandhi at IIPM Delhi

Description: On 29th of September, the 4Ps Club and GID Club commemorated the charm & charisma of Gandhi at IIPM New Delhi. There were 12 groups comprising of as many as 72 students (including the Exchange students from Italy) executed the charm & charisma of Gandhi as a leader. The event was seen as the celebration of the qualities Gandhiji had and how it changed the nation. The winners of the event were Anurag Chaudhry, Anmol Arora, Srishti Arora, Khusboo Gupta from 2012-2014 . The runners up were Suyash, Vijay, Tripti, Deepti Negi, Sushmita and Udit from SU3 2011-14. Overall it was a great experience and students were also enlightened by the Vision Mahatma Gandhi had to Reform India. The change was an Evolution and not a Revolution!!