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AAGMAN is a specially designed in-house event at the institute through which a new batch is welcomed to a whole new world at IIPM. Over the past years, Aagman has been synonymous with the Annual Cultural Evening at the institute, which witnesses participation of students from all batches along with members of the faculty.

AAGMAN for Spring Summer batch 2011 - 13-14 at IIPM Delhi

Aagman, one of the most awaited and popular affair at IIPM is held every year where we officially welcome our new batch into the IIPM family. Here students showcase their unexpected raw and hidden talent apart from the management acumen what is expected. Long hours of practice, sleepless nights, forgettable fights and unforgettable moments is what makes it so special amongst the IIPMites. Aagman for the batch SS 2011-13/14 was held on 1st august 2011 at Sri Fort Auditorium .Although the function was scheduled to begin at 6.00 pm but the venue was buzzing with activities since morning. All the participants made the best use of the time and stage given to them for rehearsals before the final show kicked off. After a traditional lamp lightning and guru vandana, the curtains for the show raised with amazing performances given by IIPM band. As always, astonishing and mind boggling performances were given by the Choreography team of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon which left the stage set on fire and seemed audience spinning on their seats silently. Now was the time when the fashion police at IIPM came to frisk the fashion senses of the audience by their flabbergasting rounds .Seeing Cleopatra (The Famous Egyptian Queen) walk the Ramp ,left the audience eye popped as it was time for the Egyptian round .Coconuts, sun beds, volley ball, mock tails ,beaches ,hot girls and boys ,any guess?? I am sure you people might have got it right, the second round was the beachwear round which left the audience with Goosebumps. Last but not the least, was the pirates round where people could not resist to sit anymore and therefore stood and applauded for the characters, collection of garments ,sequence which actually made the co-coordinators and participants overwhelmed!! The masters of the ceremony stitched the entire evening perfectly, as the show went flawless with terrific performances viewed by wonderful audiences.

AAGMAN Fall Winter 2011 at IIPM Delhi

AAGMAN, as we all know, means arrival and like every year IIPM welcomed the new batch to the IIPM FAMILY with an astonishing series of amazing performances. Here, the students show their raw and hidden talents to their batch mates, who just like them are the newcomers to IIPM and AAGMAN left no stone unturned to make its guests feel a sense of belonging to itself. The show was scheduled to start at 06:30 at NCUI auditorium but was buzzing with activities hours before the show, with all the practices by students who were determined to give their best. Then, the time came, with the audience hyped with energy and excitement, the show began. With the traditional lamp lighting and the Sarasvati Vandana dance. Then came, our very own rock stars of IIPM to infuse some raw energy in the audience and even the audience waved, head banged and roared to every high note of the songs, which drove our rock stars to their extreme best. After that there were dance performances by IIPM Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon and they set the stage on fire with their amazing and mind boggling performances. Then finally last but not the least, our very own fashionist of IIPM with their theme “Beauty and the Beast” where an unexpected twist occurred as the beasts were the girls, coming with bare chest, chained, handcuffed beauties, and the guys. The audience then got to witness the amazing next round of fashion show, which was “Casino Royale” where they showcased the romantic side of James bond dancing to the beats with the girls. After all the Revenge and Romance, our students ultimately preformed The Royal wedding round, where all the boys and girls were dressed traditionally and rocked the stage altogether. The show was becoming memorable and to completely mesmerize the audience our very own masters of ceremony danced to end the show with a bang. The audience completely satisfied, rather mesmerized, the auditorium echoed with applause and eventually that is how the new students beautifully joined the IIPM FAMILY.