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E2 (Entrepreneurship & Economics Club)

The E2 Club was formed in recognition of the unique and critical role of economics in the business and entrepreneurial management realms. The Club is planned around two primary activities relating to entrepreneurship and economics areas. It endeavours to stimulate the creativity of the participants of IIPMites by conducting regular events like policy forums, research paper presentations, essay competitions and various other learning interventions which intend to unlock the economic ingenuity of

IIPMs E2 Club collaborates with CII BYST for Entrepreneurship Project

30th January, 2012 keeping in minds the essence of the importanborates with CII BYST for Entrepreneurship Projectce of Entrepreneurship, IIPM New Delhi started a 3 months certification program in collaboration with CII BYST. The aim of such project was to encourage student to explore and evolve the concept of entrepreneurship, in pace with the dynamic business environment. IIPM’s Academic club – E2 is the main initiator of this program where exclusive 15 students would be meeting with enormous entrepreneurs during the time span of the project. At the onset of the program – An orientation was taken by Prof. Bashin, Mr. Subash Malik and Mr. Ashok Dayal from CII BYST. Prof. Bashin’s sessions were very interactive and he briefed the students on what BYST is all about. They explained the need of young and first generation entrepreneurs in the future. Mr.Subhash Malik quoted saying "The World is full of hooks, but the hooks are ours”, and mapped the four functions of a compass i.e. directing, sensing, polarization path and integration with the intuition, thinking sensation & feeling. Throughout the session everyone was very participative and put forwards their questions and doubts.

IIPM Delhi conducts the final presentation of CII-BYST program

On 17th of May at 10am, the final presentation of IIPM & CII-BYST's 3 months program 'Mentoring- A key to success for entrepreneurs' was conducted by IIPM, New Delhi’s E2 Club, where 14 enthusiast students from UG/PG batch gave presentation in front of the esteem Chairman of CII-BYST – Mr. M.M. Bhasin. The event was also enhanced with presence of other members from CII and senior faculties like Prof. Ranjan Paul, Prof. Raghavan Iyer. Each of these 15 participants, where divided in 5 teams by CII-BYST at the commence of the program way back in February and during the tenure of three months these students did an exclusive field study on 1st generation entrepreneurs under the mentorship of CII-BYST. Mr. Subhash Malik, one of those mentor commented, “IIPM students have done a good hard work and I strongly believe they have also learnt a lot.” Each of these 5 groups interacted with 3 entrepreneurs, did a SWOT analysis & framed Balance Score card on these entrepreneurs and such learning where penned down in a report, submitted to CII. Mr. Bhasin, while handing over the certificates to the groups commented, “IIPM’s students where among few business school where the students didn’t gave a lecture during the final presentation, but they shared their experience reflecting the field work they have done.” Some of the participants of this zealous team were, Charu Arora, Mikesh Gupta (from FB-1), Priyambada Singh, Rajeev Ranjan, Nataliya Saxena (from WA-1).

IIPM Delhi organizes a competition - Ecopolism

11th June, 2012: E2 club organized a competition “Ecopolism” where students of Sb1 and Sb2 (Sring/pg/12-14) participated and did a fantastic work. The students had to present a report and also on a comparative study of the fallacies of the Indian Economy, how according to them the fallacies can be overcome with respect to the super-power the US and the booming super-power China. There were over 35 participants and the winners after a tough competition as selected by our judges Prof. Surya Kanta Jena and Prof. Varun Verma were: Winner : Aanchal Choudhary 1st Runner Up : Rahul Varma, Suhail and Rohit Mishra 2nd Runner up : Pankaj Gaharwal The students presented their various points and the entire class-room was filled with pool of ideas of how our youngsters can help India grow better. The efforts of our IIPM students were remarkable. The question-answer session went on very well and the judges were overwhelmed from the response of the students.

IIPM Delhi organizes event "Entrepreneurial Tryst"

On 9th August, 2012, E2 club conducted the event “Entrepreneurial Tryst” which included students of sections SB1, SB2, SSU1, FA1 SA1, SM2, SP3 and SSB2. Two external entrepreneurs namely Mr. Akshay Chhugani- CEO & Founder of The India Bagpacker and Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri- CEO and Founder of Benchmark Six Sigma enlightened the students with their knowledge and experience. Special thanks to Prof. Sray Agarwal who spoke about- non-conventional entrepreneurship, vedic entrepreneurship and followed by a management game that tested students conviction ability. The audience consisted of 250 students from various sections and was given the opportunity to ask questions wherein ten best students asking the best questions were awarded with a certificate. The students were Sudeep Bhuyan, Sangeeta Saha, Sonam Kumari, Priyanka Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Maniparna, Pankaj Gaharwal, Kunal Wahi, Rahul Tiwari and Pranab Sen. Hearty congratulations to the winners and efforts appreciated by all the participants.