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The Finex endeavours to maintain industry connectivity and take the students to the doorsteps of the professional financial services world; be it via Need The Dough, the quarterly journal, which periodically features write-ups from the students themselves, or via the annual seminar. It also facilitates and organizes online trading games which help hone the skills of future investment bankers and portfolio analysts.

IIPM Delhi conducts Annual General Meeting with students

Finex Club of IIPM New Delhi organized a simulated AGM for students to showcase their talent of analytical and managerial skills related to corporate finance. This artificial AGM for ICICI bank was held on 16th of Feb, 2012. The initial response for the event was approximately 120 students but we had exclusive 25 roles based on ICICI’s annual report for the financial year ended 2010-2011. Twenty students were selected for the available designations on the basis of their performance in their respective classes. On the final day of the event the students had 45 minutes Annual General Meeting and on the basis of their designation each one of them was suppose to discuss the growth and development of their department in front of the judges – Prof. Suchi and Prof. Ranjan Paul. The buoyancy supported by brilliance (especially during conveying the financial growth of the company to the shareholders) made the event exciting. At the end, it was the time to evaluate the winner of the event. The winners of the event were Mr. Nitin Kahol (PGP 11-13) - and Ms. Roli Srivastava (PGP 11-13) respectively playing the role of Chairman and MD.

: IIPM Delhi organizes event "Entrepreneurial Tryst"

On 9th August, 2012, E2 club conducted the event “Entrepreneurial Tryst” which included students of sections SB1, SB2, SSU1, FA1 SA1, SM2, SP3 and SSB2. Two external entrepreneurs namely Mr. Akshay Chhugani- CEO & Founder of The India Bagpacker and Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri- CEO and Founder of Benchmark Six Sigma enlightened the students with their knowledge and experience. Special thanks to Prof. Sray Agarwal who spoke about- non-conventional entrepreneurship, vedic entrepreneurship and followed by a management game that tested students conviction ability. The audience consisted of 250 students from various sections and was given the opportunity to ask questions wherein ten best students asking the best questions were awarded with a certificate. The students were Sudeep Bhuyan, Sangeeta Saha, Sonam Kumari, Priyanka Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Maniparna, Pankaj Gaharwal, Kunal Wahi, Rahul Tiwari and Pranab Sen. Hearty congratulations to the winners and efforts appreciated by all the participants.