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Human Factor (The HR Club)

The Human Factor Club is an academic club and is now ably supported by the team that is spearheading The Human Factor magazine. With a vision to empower and educate the students on concepts and industry practices in HR, the members of the club are actively involved in managing, and organizing various events like Career Counseling workshops. Inter-college events such as Case Study Analysis bring out the element of healthy competition and tests members' communication and reasoning skills. The stud

IIPM Delhi conducts Psychometric Test

Every individual is blessed with a unique personality. Exploring and analyzing this personality is not an easy task but the Human Factor Club of IIPM, New Delhi has made it comparatively easier based on result oriented performance. The Psychometric Test was a diligent and a meticulous approach to get an insight of one's personality. Most of the people are in a delusion that there are well abreast with themselves. But as a matter of fact not many of us make an attempt to know our areas of weakness and strengths better. This Test provided a much needed platform to become a better person in both personal and professional lives by bringing about necessary changes in oneself. The Human Factor Club came along with certain concepts that gave the test takers think in a different manner and become acquainted with themselves. Now let us start how the journey of self- introspection went on. First, an attempt was made to test an individual’s behaviour in different situations. A questionnaire containing questions regarding how one reacts to different circumstances was given. Then the test takers had to score the option which perfectly described their reaction to a given situation. On the basis of their answers, their mind sets were categorized as Open, Blind, Hidden and Unknown i.e. (180* Johari window model) where two to three different people will be giving the feedback on each individual. Thus this test makes a person more expressive sheds away the hesitation or awkwardness that one feels while interacting with others makes oneself more confident to voice their opinions. The test takers were divided into a group of three. Next, Jungle Safari, a group task based on Creativity and Innovation was given to all the groups. The task was that all the groups were apparently put on a deserted jungle. They had to find the things or equipments from all over the campus and time limit was 40 minutes. This task brought out a person's behaviour in a group of unknown people; how he/she can work in a team and what can obstruct them from performing well in a group. Then came a feedback session where in each team member had to pen down their feedback on the other two. This helped each individual analyze their behaviour and helped them know themselves from others point of view. The mindsets were again categorized as Open, Blind, Hidden and Unknown. This also gave an idea of how observant a person is and how capable he/she is to give just judgments about the persons who have acquaintance of very short time. Later on, the graphs were been plotted based on the questionnaire and at the end of the session, a detailed feedback was given by Prof Angshuman Paul and Prof Pradeep Basanagoudar to all the participants. In all, the Psychometric Test was an interesting event which brought the test takers closer to themselves. Each individual was introduced to a new himself/herself with a hope to bring in more reforms in oneself that would make him/her a better person in the long run. The Human Factor Club vows to come up with more such activities and help every individual foster new redefined quality in oneself.

Human Factor Club of IIPM, New Delhi, proudly announces the winner of article writing competition on 'Creativity and Team Work in Sports'. -Rahul Varma , Rohit Mishra , Suhail Gandhok and Pankaj Gah

The winning article: An initiative by T.V Today Group shall work as a power booster for the Indian Contingent participating at the London Olympics-2012 we had an opportunity to see some of the big distinguished guests like Ajay Maken (honorable sports minister of India) Vijender Singh, Yogeshwar dutt, Sushil Kumar, and the former Indian hockey team’s caption Rammandeep Singh sharing their thoughts & views about the Indian Olympics and the potential to win as many medals as they can. Upon conversation Mr.Maken Said “The more contestants participate the more are the chances to win the medals and numbered the total contingent to 85, he also expressed his warm regards to all the participants to set the stage clear to for Indian Victories. It was an all new experience for Miss Geeta Phogat as it’s her first time in Olympics and it’s also the first time that an Indian women wrestler is participating in the event. While discussing the strategic ideas for our National Game Hockey Mr.Rammandeep Singh said all the members are practicing very hard for the game and they are ready to accept the challenge for a victory Mr.Singh also emphasized on the teams presence & said it would be much appreciated if the team ranks up in top 6 however the goal is to achieve the much higher heights than being in top 6 Admits all the star fame there was an young athlete gearing up for the event it’s Mr Shiva Thapar the Youngest Indian to participate in the 56kg men boxing category and is very much focused on his hard work and was determined for achieving the goal. We would like to wish the Indian Contingent to bag as many as medals as they can and make the Indian Flag Fly higher in skies with peace and prosperity.

Who is the Best Leader?

How can you demonstrate the effect of a leader? This was evinced in an exclusive extravagant event organized by Human Factor Club of IIPM, New Delhi. The exorbitant event saw 70 enthusiast students participating in 13 groups to fanatically frame their favourite leaders based on auto-biographies and biographies of great business leaders like –Sam Walton, Richard Branson. Christened as ‘Who’s the best leader?’ the event conveyed the charisma of great leaders. The final round was conducted through a debate, evaluated by esteem judges Mr.Deepak Mowar, Executive Director, Parsavnath Hotels ltd.