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Recall (The Adventure Club)

Teamwork, leadership, motivation and the spirit of management are topics that cannot be taught. They have to be learnt by experience. This, precisely, was the thought that lead to the conceptualization of the Recall Club. And along with the learning, an important aspect considered was learning outside ‘classrooms’. Keeping these thoughts in mind, The Recall Club started its journey, offering a package of 'the spirit of learning.'Since its inception, The Recall Club has organized various student

IIPM Delhi celebrates Valentine’s Day with Genelia Desuza and Ritesh Deshmukh

The sun shined bright & cupid took all their way towards IIPM as it was Valentine’s Day being celebrated at the Delhi campus. The bird of love unfolded its wings & charmed the ambience with its whiff. The amorous day kick started with a series of competitions & fun playoffs to delve for the best Mr. & Miss. Valentine trailed by various elimination rounds and stiff challenges to prove themselves. Jewel to the crown was the newly wedded couple Genelia Desuza & Ritesh Deshmukh. Their captivating presence became further merry when the duos thumped their feet along with the stars. The lucky couple won an adventurous Singapore trip worth Rs. 50,000 and a gold shield sponsored from Lavanya Silverware worth Rs.50000 and Spa/Stay Vouchers from Kairali worth Rs.8000.