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Recall (The Adventure Club)

Teamwork, leadership, motivation and the spirit of management are topics that cannot be taught. They have to be learnt by experience. This, precisely, was the thought that lead to the conceptualization of the Recall Club. And along with the learning, an important aspect considered was learning outside ‘classrooms’. Keeping these thoughts in mind, The Recall Club started its journey, offering a package of 'the spirit of learning.'Since its inception, The Recall Club has organized various student

Treasure Hunt at IIPM Noida

On 09th Aug 2010, the day witnessed a remarkable and exuberant participation of students on the event of “Treasure Hunt” held at IIPM campus NOIDA. The student displayed extreme enthusiasm and it was thrilling and fun watching them enjoy. The motive behind the event was to improve the leadership skill, managerial skill and to teach team management and time management techniques to the participants, all skills set were proven with excellence. By the end of the event, the students were tired but still excited to know their result with wacky items to collect on the list ranging from colored eggs to worms and things to borrow from the entire campus was filled with absolute excitement. Not only did the students enjoy but also the management did seeing such bright and tremendously exciting faces.