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Stage (The Performing Arts Club)

The Stage Club is the Performing Arts Club of IIPM which provides a platform for Management Students to explore their creativity, confidence level, communication skills and overall personality by organizing events like dramatics, role-plays, music competition, mono-acting competition, street-plays etc.

Face painting competition at IIPM Noida

On 22nd March 2011, in the premises of IIPM Noida, was organized an event that was fun and more inclined towards a utilitarian approach called the “Face Painting Competition”.The aim was to bring out the originality and innovation of all current batches. The Students came out with assertive attitudes and enthralled the judges by their diligent work and the themes which they worked upon were colossal issues i.e.Global Warming, Natural Calamities, HIV Awareness and Fauna Preserva

Collage competition by Stage club at IIPM Noida

A collage competition was held on 29th June at IIPM Noida with the topic as “Heal The World”. The Event saw large number of participants because they were informed prior to the event.Students came up with all different kind of concepts and wide ideas. The groups were distributed into 7 teams each consisting of 5 members.A meritorious performance was given by all the teams but unfortunately there had to be one winner. Eventually winner was chosen and was rewarded.