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Torque (The Sports Club)

The primary idea of this club is to promote camaraderie in the batches through sports events and secondary aim is to encourage sports and games as an instrument for physical and mental agility. The club organizes competitive cricket tournaments, football matches, billiard competitions and many indoor games. Some of the major annual events of this club are the Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Cricket Tournament, GOAL – the Football Tournament and the Sports Week.

Cricket match at IIPM Noida

The part of sport in education can be gauged by the way it helps in inculcate values such as dedication, discipline and responsibility in children, at the same time teach them many relevant life lessons. In a tournament hosted between FW/ISBE(B)/10-12 and FW/ICHE/10-13, The action started in a hard fought game on the 23rd April 11 at IIPM Noida.The country's most played sport - cricket -was played in bright sunshine, and in front of an appreciative crowd. The ISBE(B) won the toss and put thei

Table Tennis match at IIPM Noida

Table tennis has evolved significantly since its surprise birth upon the sporting world, acquiring many revisions of rules and seeing an evolution of equipment as technology and playing styles changed. Such refinement only serves as evidence that table tennis is indeed a full-fledged sport, comparable to any of the other classics we behold with reverence.IIPM Noida payed host to an Intra-college Singles Table Tennis tournament on 23rd April 2011. The competition saw a hearty participation from