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4Ps (The Marketing Club)

The 4Ps Club believes in serious academic pursuits in the areas of marketing. It primarily exists to enrich and complement the class room educational experiences, wherein the overarching objective is enhancement and upgradation of marketing fundamentals. The various initiatives taken under the club helps students to understand the topics and issues relevant to the marketing field. The new mantra of 4Ps Club's is Power, Passion, Perspective and Persuasion.

Collage making competition at IIPM Pune

On republic day IIPM Pune organized collage making competition dividing students in two group’s 1.Dream India 2.Real India. Students were asked to design collages with the help of given material such as chart papers, colors, newspapers, magazines etc. They then had to brand their collages and sell it as wallpaper to faculties. The collages were very impressive and served the purpose of republic day. After the competition the collages were put up at the entrance gate for exhibiting the reality.

4Ps club of IIPM Pune organizes a Business Quiz

The 4Ps club of IIPM Pune organized a Business Quiz on 24th March 2012.The event started at 2pm with a written prelims round. 6 teams of 3 members each were short listed for the final rounds which included brand identification through logos, punch lines, graphics, etc.; rapid fire questions, buzzer rounds and mixed bag. The students enjoyed the event thoroughly. The team of Mr. Kiran Gai, Mr. Siddharth and Mr. Nikunj became winners. Dr. Debajyoti Majumder was the quiz master and Mr. Rohit Karamchandani kept the scores. This event was an outcome of the last 2 week long quizzing exercise conducted by he 4Ps club.

IIPM Pune conducts an activity - Print Ad analysis and Re-branding

IIPM Pune conducted an activity in which students had to analyze the given print Ad by understanding the target market, the objective, and frequency of the advertisement with color combination etc. After proper classification the advertisement was to be targeted to an altogether different segment with respect to changes in culture, class, gender etc. It was very challenging and interesting to watch how students applied their branding skills. It was a learning and fun activity.

IIPM Pune organizes a business quiz

An intra batch business quiz was organized for the FW-11-13 & W/12-14 batches at IIPM Pune on 27th April 2012. After the prelims 7 teams were short listed. The teams were of two members each. The students were quizzed on Brands, Logos, CEO & MDs, Marketing terms, etc. A buzzer round and rapid-fire was included to make it more competitive. The quizmaster was Dr. Debajyoti Majumder. The winners were Rameez Dhanse and Govind Agarwal. The students had a fun filled learning experience.

IIPM Pune organizes 4Ps Quiz

The preliminary round of the 4Ps quiz 2012 was held at IIPM Pune on 1st June 2012 at campus from 2pm onwards. It was a fun filled, though fiercely contested event; where students from all batches competed for the coveted crown. There were 10 rounds which migrated from marketing to strategy; finance to economics; branding and advertising to HR and also had a visit to business history. There were 7 teams of two members each (who were the winners of the intra batch rounds). The quiz saw a lot of ups and downs in the scorecard and contributed to the adrenalin rush in both the teams and their supporters (the classmates). The 4Ps club put in its best effort to make the event successful. The students enjoyed thoroughly and promised to take the quizzing culture to new heights in future.

IIPM Pune organizes an event 'Trash Sell'

First semester students at IIPM Pune campus were taught about the 4P’s of Marketing and also about the club. To follow the theory with an activity the Mentors designed a ‘Trash Sell’ Competition. Students had to make a product from the waste/recyclable material given to them. They then had to design the 4p’s of the product and market it to the audience and judges. Students made products like sipper, hat, photo frame etc and eventually presented on the 4P’s of their product and sold their ideas. Students were given guidelines and limitations which made the event even more interesting.

4P's Club of IIPM Pune organises a camp on marketing

A special activity was organized on a special request from students of the senior most batches to recall marketing concepts and practical examples based on it. For this the club organized a camp on optimum marketing-related matters/concepts/cases/theories in a workshop format. The objective was to make the students more placement savvy and recall the concepts with live and practical assumptions.

4P's Club of IIPM Pune conducts Diwali Fete

A Diwali Fete was held at Pune campus wherein students had to put up various stalls inside the campus for an entire day. Four stalls were permitted to be put up and they sold various items like Birayni, Parathas, Poha, Chaat, Handmade bags, Diwali cards, Tattoo, etc. There were also several games that were conducted . Students also carried out a market survey before deciding the menu and designed various strategies to increase sales. The competition was full of entertainment, enthusiasm and learning which made it a huge success. This activity engaged not only the participants but everyone present at the campus and created a joyous atmosphere.