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Alchemy (The Cultural Club)

Through this culture club, IIPMites balances academic subjects with an appreciation and understanding of arts and culture, and thereby to tap one's own imagination. All the events associated with this open a whole new thought process and the interactions stimulate aesthetic sensibilities of the participants. Influential Institute events like Amaze, Aagman, Moonwalk and talent competitions are some of the flagship events of this club.

Something Red, Valentine’s Day celebrations at IIPM Pune_1_1

The event consisted of lot of activities and music to feel the energetic essence of valentine celebration. The dress code of the event was something red and the conference hall was filled with red balloons and ribbons all over. Several games and activities were conducted like- balloon dancing, ms-match couple, truth and dare. Overall it was a great event and served as energetic and relaxing experience to all our students. Please find the attached pics of the event.

'Colors of JOY - PHOTO CLICK' at IIPM Pune_1

After a colorful HOLI Celebration on 26th March 2013, it was a time to express the same on a small A4 size paper. Yes on 30th March IIPM, Pune experienced a great moment where students from all the batches expressed their joy and colors of HOLI in a form of Photograph. Students had to submit a Hard copy of their Photograph with lot of color combination (At least 7), Importance was given to colorful creativity. The submitted photographs were evaluated based on two criteria’s, one is student vote and the other is Expert evaluation. On the same day the winners were announced, 1) Overall winner …Sumit Vishwakarma (ISBE/PGP/F/11-13) 2) Colorful Click … Rohit Jangid (UGP/SS/10-13) 3) Creative Click … Sameeruddin Sayed (ISBE/B/W/12-14) The Competition Ended with the Prize distribution ceremony….

Extreme Emotion - Mother's Day celebration at IIPM Pune

In honor of Mother's Day, IIPM Pune organized an event, “Extreme emotions”. The event was all about to tell mom how much you appreciate her with a simple Idea of calling her and say “I LOVE YOU MOM”. At around 1.30 pm around 30 students were gathered in Cafeteria filled with emotions and little word on their lips that transferred the same emotions to their Mother’s and to make everyone understand the importance of their mothers in everyone’s life. A speaker phone was arranged where in every student would call their Mother and wish her on this special occasion. Few students were noticed with extremely strong emotions that made their eyes watery. There was happiness, love and satisfaction in the room. The event turned out to be one of its kinds and enjoyed by every individual in the room. Initially students resisted but later one after another every one wanted to utilize this opportunity and express their feeling. Finally the purpose was served and the experience was extremely heart touching that filled every one with internal satisfaction for every one who witnessed the event. Later a chart paper was put up where students expressed the same feelings on the paper.