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Human Factor (The HR Club)

The Human Factor Club is an academic club and is now ably supported by the team that is spearheading The Human Factor magazine. With a vision to empower and educate the students on concepts and industry practices in HR, the members of the club are actively involved in managing, and organizing various events like Career Counseling workshops. Inter-college events such as Case Study Analysis bring out the element of healthy competition and tests members' communication and reasoning skills. The stud

Robins Week – OB for Economy at IIPM Pune

After Kotler week and Cube, another Week that IIPM, Pune Celebrated was “Robin’s Week”. Week focused on Organization Behavior and its Importance for an Economy. The objective was to create awareness about basics concepts of OB (Theoretically) and than using creative cells to practically apply it in the well being of Nations prosperity. The day started with a small lecture of 1 hour on Organizational Behavior basic concepts by Prof. Pascoal Dantas. Later the whole group was split into three smaller groups. Some Chart papers and sketch pens were given to all the students with a model chart paper (Creatively designed). Each group has 1 builder, 1 runner, and 1 looker. The looker of each group gets to see the original model (Model designed earlier). The lookers look at the original display and go halfway to the builders’ location, where the runner will be positioned. The looker tells the runner all of the details he can remember about the model. Then, the runner goes to builders. When the runner gets to the builders, the builders can only ask the runner yes or no questions. “Does the pen go here? Is the binder open? Is it open to this page?” When the runner can’t remember anymore details or wants to confirm a detail, he goes back to the point where he can meet the looker. He can converse freely about the details. Once the designing part was done, the groups had to explain the chart paper in their own words and relate Organization Behavior with Economics. To summarize, it was an experience like none other. Excellent creativity was observed. It was not only an event but a room for all the students to understand how we can use theories in out practical situations. The event turned out to be extremely engaging and superb learning for the students.