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Stage (The Performing Arts Club)

The Stage Club is the Performing Arts Club of IIPM which provides a platform for Management Students to explore their creativity, confidence level, communication skills and overall personality by organizing events like dramatics, role-plays, music competition, mono-acting competition, street-plays etc.

IIPM Pune organizes a talent hunt competition

IIPM Pune have organized the talent hunt competition in the college as a part of our stage club, wherein students showcase their talent by being a part of activities like dance, singing, plays, mimic acts etc. All the students participated actively and gave their best shot. The stage club is designed in such a way that it enhances student’s personality and boosts their confidence.

IIPM Pune organizes cultural night

Cultural Night is an event organized by IIPM Pune students of PGP SS 11-13. They performed non-verbal Role Plays (on serious issues, packaged the fun way) backed by some entertainment programs like dance, music, and singing. Entire staff and parents had been invited by students for the event. It is a show where in students have coordinated and managed the entire event. Back to back brilliant performance and audience involvement was the talk of the night. Staff and parents had a great time to see the enthusiasm and quality enactments of the batch.

Pune Times conduct Fresh Face Competition at IIPM Pune

Pune Times conducts Fresh Face Competition every year in the topmost colleges in Pune. The students performed the special talent they had within themselves for about a minute in front of the audience and jury. They were also asked to perform tasks which were used as ice breaking for to get into the gist of the event. The Top 4-5 contestants will be featured in the Pune Times Newspaper 1 day after the event. They will also get an opportunity to appear in the grand Finale of Mr. /Miss Fresh Face Pune 2012 ,opportunity to learn the art of Modeling and make their way towards Fame.

IIPM Pune organizes Enthusia 2012 a Cultural Event

Enthusia 2012 a cultural event organized by FALL/11-13/PGP batch of IIPM Pune on 7th of December. It was held at MCCIA trade tower in the evening. Students from all batches performed events like dancing, singing, fashion show, mimicry poetry, rock show etc. The event was basically to bring forward the talent in people. It was initiated and coordinated by students. This cultural fest was a continuation of the cultural fest organized by the previous batch. The evening ended with a grand buffet dinner .It was a great IIPM family moment!!