IIPM: The Indian Institute of Planning and Management
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From 2015 IIPM has entered into technical collaboration of knowledge sharing with various institutions in India & has stopped taking direct admissions. To join institutions with such technical collaboration please call 18001030909 or Log on to www.iipm.in

As a part of the technical collaboration, IIPM primarily sends its researchers and faculty to take papers in other institutions and offer its “Certificate in Planning and Entrepreneurship” to students in those institutions.

All IIPM campuses now only have old students and these campuses are being shut down as and when old batches finish their courses. IIPM will be operative only in Delhi as a research and training institutions, the training will be imparted only to corporates or institutions who enter into a technical collaboration of knowledge sharing with IIPM. Every detail on this website applies to IIPM 1973-2014.