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Apart from initiating a world class 1 year Full Time Executive programme, IIPM is India’s leading Executive Development Programme provider.

Leaders in Industry Interface

IIPM professors have been conducting numerous EDP (Executive Development Programmes) for India Incorporated along with some of the best professors from Top Institutes.

Planman Consulting on behalf of IIPM, as a part of their Global Outreach Programme, regularly conducts & initiates compelling Chief-Executive forums, copartnering with faculties from the world’s foremost institutions and organizations like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Kellogg, Columbia GSB, Chicago GSB etc. Founded in 1996 by renowned economist Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri, Planman Consulting started its operations as an offshoot of IIPM with 25 years of research of the global economy undertaken by leading researchers & academicians. Planman is a management consulting group and hence, in all its business interests, Planman incorporates an extremely high level of consulting commitment for its clients. Wherever, whenever, however, Planman attempts to improve dramatically the process and performance of global corporations through its consulting enterprise. IIPM is one of the leading and most respected leading institute for Entrepreneurship and Management in India. Live case studies and industry examples of IIPM & Planman have been noted and honored at diverse institutions and organizations. The value that IIPM & Planman commit to bring to corporations is that of thrilling change and dynamic vision; and these programmes are a furtherance of such commitment.

If you are facing even one of the following challenges in your business, then the Chief-Executive Forum workshops by faculties from HBS, Yale, MIT, Columbia, Chicago GSB, Planman Consulting, IIPM etc would be extremely critical for you and your senior management.

. How to use techniques to scan the competitive environment and analyze multi-factor industries
. How to replicate strategic models and implementation techniques of industry leaders
. How to optimize financial investments & corporate venture funding
. How to strategically transform brands and dramatically re-focus multi-product & multi-service organizations
. How to maximize relevance of human resources in achieving growth targets
. How to leverage e-Business to radically alter competitive dynamics.

Being a part of the Chief-Executive Forum, these workshops by international faculties would utilize discrete and diverse training methodologies to educate, train, elucidate, debate and sometimes to demolish various business management perspectives & orientations. Case studies, research findings, questionnaires, group discussions, lecture sessions etc would form integral ingredients of the knowledge experience. Participants are informed that relevant pre-workshop preparation that is generally advised by international faculties needs to be necessarily completed before designated sessions of the respective workshops. Much of the contents that participants shall get exposed to during the workshops, are proprietary material of IIPM, Planman & international faculties. However, participants are encouraged to share various contents and material provided during the workshop with relevant team members after taking appropriate permission. Participants are also encouraged to directly contact their workshop faculties for any required consulting, guidance or clarification. On successful completion of the programme, participants shall be awarded a joint certificate from faculties undertaking the respective programme.

The Chief-Executive Forum is preferred by CEOs, Presidents and decision makers who have the power to decide the path their companies follow. Relevantly, many of these power managers also bring their team members & colleagues to this forum to share and analyze the implications of various strategic perspectives.

We do highly support this orientation; however, due to limited registration capacity, we encourage participants to register all group members as early as possible. Distinctively, participants are represented from the following:

- Chief Executive Officer
- President
- Chairman
- Board Member
- Independent Executive Director
- Managing Director
- Director
- Chief Operating Officer
- Chief Information Officer
- Chief
- Financial Officer
- Division/Unit Head
- General Manager
- Regional/Branch Manager
- Functional Head
- Vice President

The Chief-Executive Forum is designed to bring together leaders from across industries and geographies. It is a power-house for exchange of strategies, ideas, intellect and views to radically and dramatically alter business orientation and growth. In summary, it is an exercise that drives rudimentarily towards transforming perspectives & corporations.

Training & Development

Training & Development Division offers services and expertise to craft specialized solutions for our clients to accelerate performance. The type of programs include:

1. The Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri Workshop
2. Customized In-house Programmes
3. Adventure for Achievements– An Outdoor Experiential Program


Professor Chaudhuri is an expert in the areas of Strategic Vision, Leadership, Social Sector Consulting, Comparative Management Techniques and Global Opportunities & Threat Analysis.

His contribution to the field of management in India can be found in the iconoclastic “Theory ‘i’ Management” which he has developed for India Inc.

Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri has conducted these programmes jointly with internationally renowned consultants and academicians from International Labour Organization at Geneve, Nestle (International Headquarters) at Vevey, Webster University, Geneva, and International Management Institute, Europe.

The workshop revolves around the People Power Philosophy, a patented module of Planman Consulting. It is focused mainly on the following four aspects of management and personality development:

Strategic Economic Vision


We combine expert instruction and finely crafted courseware to ensure that learning from the classroom is transferred to work effectively. Planman provides in house training in the following areas:

Public Speaking Skills
Creativity & Innovation
Team Building
Leadership Effectiveness
Stress Management
Time Management
The Art of Negotiation
Selling Skills


We believe the key lies in strengthening the connections between people – ‘your people’ - by facilitating a group experience that incorporates all aspects critical to your organization's success: cooperation and communication, collaborative problem solving and decision making, commitment to common objectives, and perhaps most important, a willingness to change and to take risks.

We offer solutions for:
- Outbound Training Programmes
- AGMs, Sales Meets & Conferences