NOTE compulsory uploading of order of the High Court of Delhi dated 26th September, 2014.

(A review is pending before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court on the Order dated 26.09.2014 passed by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court in W.P. (C) No. 5937/2010 after IIPM’s victory over AICTE in the Supreme Court of India.)

It maybe noted that this 2014 HC verdict primarily relied on an online ad that was never released by IIPM. It was a fake website that was created to defame IIPM (we don’t know by whom) . Click for the link of IIPM’s complain to cyber cell on the same.

IIPM is neither affiliated to any university nor has sought de-jure recognition for its academic programmes from any statutory body. Students must categorically know that IIPM does not teach MBA or BBA programmes (nor does it give any degrees or has given any degrees ever since inception).

Issues concerning IIPM’s legality and the fake propaganda spread by media, AICTE & UGC and how IIPM DEFEATED BOTH AICTE AND UGC at the highest courts of law more

IIPM requests everyone to see this video by the Honorary Director of IIPM Think Tank, Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri

Disclaimer : There is only one official site of IIPM and that is this site We are also aware that there are sites which give wrong info on IIPM. Readers may note that these sites do not belong to IIPM and mislead students. We are not responsible for these sites or any such sites which crop up in future. IIPM will regularly try to track such sites and ask them to take info on IIPM off those sites however Internet is a medium where all kinds of false information is floated by others including our competitors to mislead students. Please do not be mislead by any such sites. IIPM is a private autonomous body that imparts entrepreneurial and economic planning education and doesn't provide MBA / BBA degrees which only universities can provide. IIPM has never claimed to be an university nor claimed to give MBA /BBA degrees.