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“How to do IIPM's Unique
Course & Save 2 Precious Years!”

It has been observed that MBA education is offered to students of all graduation streams (History, Biology, Geography, Engineering etc.) therefore, making it obvious that MBA education academically has got nothing to do with graduation. Thus, IIPM has come up with this unique Masters Level Programme in Entrepreneurship at undergraduate level. Students in the first year are given a bridge course which enables them to face the more tedious next two years. In the next two years students do the same course that IIPM offers in its Post Graduate level course. THUS, STUDENTS AT IIPM DO A MASTERS LEVEL COURSE IN PLANNING AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP even at an under graduate level. Upon completion of the course students become eligible for an additional BBA degree from an Indian University. However, since the students have actually undertaken a MASTER’s LEVEL COURSE, all students are also eligible for a PG DEGREE in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION from IMI, Europe, upon completion of 2 years of work ex. after passing out of IIPM.