Commitment to Teaching| Commitment to Teaching
Commitment to Teaching
Teaching Commitment

IIPM remains committed to the cause of creating future entrepreneurial managers with a difference; where in we produce committed ‘bare foot’ managers and entrepreneurs who are needed by nation, on an insistent basis. As an educational institute, we aim at initializing a three dimensional personality in IIPMites, viz.

  • Pursuit of knowledge in economics and management
  • Commitment to economic, social, political and technological upliftment of masses and
  • Cultivation of taste for literature, fine arts and etc

And it is the faculty who are the guiding force behind that mission. IIPM has had the good fortune of associating with some of the leading lights of our times and the members of IIPM Faculty broadly contribute in these four complementary activities:

  • Research
  • Course Development
  • Teaching
  • Consulting

Another speciality of IIPM's faculty is that they devote considerable time to their students, not only to help them overcome their professional problems, but also contribute to their personal development.