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With the ever changing dynamics of modern-day information and communication processes, IIPM felt the need to help its students harness the advantages of the modern day technology. The institute therefore took the leadership role in blending the power of technology into the learning processes inside and outside the classrooms. IIPM was one of the first institutes in India to make laptops a compulsory accessory for the students, by giving out free laptops to every enrolled student on campus. Today, many other institutes have emulated this unique initiative by IIPM.

Along with the laptops, arose the need to make the campuses completely wi-fi, to help students access and exchange data or information conveniently from any place, at any time. Soon, every IIPM campuses across India, were made fully wi-fi. So, on any given day, even if you are sipping hot espresso at the cafeteria or cooling your heels with your friends next to the swimming pool, you can still remain connected to the external world for as long as you want. This has made study fun and rejuvenating at IIPM, as students find it easier and faster to stay in touch with faculty members and send assignments and research papers on time.