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About SMG

The Strategic Management group (SMG), of the institute is responsible for the corporate interaction for the students at IIPM .Over the years, Campus Placements have become a vital source of manpower for many organizations which want to capture young talent and groom them in to future managers . Slowly but steadily Campus recruitments have now become a strategic HR Decision.

SMG group’s agenda includes arranging guest lectures, industry visits, internships, projects and more importantly final campus placements. The SMG interacts with organizations on an international level covering mostly all important cities of India and countries like Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, and U.K. It facilitates interactions which help students to develop as core corporate professionals. One of the key focus areas for the SMG is to monitor national and international HR employment trends which in turn help students understand various employment opportunities. The role of the SMG also includes mentoring and grooming students so that they are well equipped to handle interview situations. Currently, the SMG team strength spans about 100 plus full time MBA’s across Pan India Locations. Their job is to get students associated with the best companies and ensure better corporate interactions thereby making it a long term relationship.

Company Interface

Campus Visits: The campus engagement programme includes pre-placement talks, guest lectures and seminars. As a result, your company would generate awareness and interest among students thereby attracting the best talent for your organization.

Summer Interns: Companies can pick up students from the Institute as Summer Interns for a period of two months. These interns would eventually serve as unofficial spokespersons for your organization at our Institute. The rewarding moments experienced at your organization would be shared with their friends, therefore making your organization an attractive place to work for future prospects.

Conduct events: Companies or Brands that organize/sponsor events at our Institute naturally have a higher recall among students. Therefore, students at the time of choosing a company for the Final Placements would opt for those companies that have a higher recall value.

The early bird prize: This phenomenon has been noticed over years, wherein the companies that visit the campus earlier than the rest, for final placements, usually tend to pick up the brighter students. However, there are exceptions to this rule, especially when students are aware of the other companies which have registered themselves with the Institute, and is either offering bigger packages, or are established brand names.

Brand name/compensation/profile:These three criterions finally act as the deciding parameters for students for choosing a company. It has been noticed that bigger brands attract the most attention. The lack of a big brand name can be compensated by attractive packages. However, both of these criterions may fail to convince certain students who are extremely focused on the kind of profile they prefer.