Infrastructure| Infrastructure

At IIPM we have always believed in providing the most comfortable learning environment to our students, to facilitate a better learning process, which is fun filled, simple and more engaging. With this commitment we ensure that all our campuses have the very best of infrastructure and facilities, setting an enviable benchmark for others to follow


IIPM campuses have different types of lecture rooms for different purposes. Tutorial classrooms with a capacity of 40-45 students are used for various tutorial sessions by faculty members for students seeking additional academic guidance in different subject areas. Standard lecture rooms which can accommodate 65-70 students each are used for daily lectures. Some of the campuses also have amphitheatre lecture halls, which can accommodate upto 120 students in tiered rows. These rooms are used for various combined sessions. All classrooms are well equipped with standard presentation and A/V equipments, whiteboards and wireless internet connections.


All IIPM campuses are wi-fi enabled, ensuring fast broadband connectivity to the students, faculty members and other staff members any time, any where. Some campuses have small computer-dromes to facilitate students and faculty members for research work, although such structures have been discontinued in most of our campuses, as every IIPM student possess a personal laptop, which is given free at the time of admission. Additionally, all the campuses have it own intranet network, allowing students to access data, information, notes, notices, etc from the student server or online notice boards. Simultaneously, students also get to submit their projects, assignments, etc. online. To enable further research in various functional areas, IIPM has invested in various softwares and online database systems through which students can access reports, analysis and other additional study materials, to enhance their learning process.


One of the most striking feature of any of the IIPM campuses is its library. Students across different programmes, spend a considerable amount of time in the campus library, referring to research reports, text books or other resources for further learning. All IIPM libraries are stacked with numerous academic titles - books, journals, magazines and CD ROMs. The libraries also have an online indexing and title search facility, enabling students to locate a specific title and its availability, thereby speeding up the search process.

Canteen & Cafeteria

Students at IIPM are not only hungry to gain knowledge, they are equally tempted to spend hours at the chicly designed cafeteria and canteen areas, where scrumptious meals, snacks, desserts and drinks are served at a student-friendly price. Every IIPM campus has a Cafe Coffee Day counter to serve the best of English sandwiches, shakes and juices. At the same point of time, the meal counters at the canteen serve traditional Indian meals, desserts and fresh fruit juices. After college hours, while working on project assignments or discussing case studies, students flock at the canteen area to savour the mouth-watering papri chats, the samosas and the momos.

Student Recreation:

Every IIPM campus has provision for various student recreations and relaxation. After a hectic lecture day, some students find solace in working out at the gymnasiums which have the latest equipments spread across 500-600 sq feet of space. Some students may prefer chilling their heels next to the swimming pool or get together over a game of chess, carom, billiards or pool. Among the standard sporting facilities, IIPM has provision for Table Tennis, Basketball, Table-football and badminton. Some centres also have tie-ups with nearby sports arenas, where students can play lawn tennis, football or cricket.

* The swimming pool, basketball and some other facilities are exclusive to Delhi campus. In 2013-14 the Mumbai campus shifted from Khar to Bandra and therefore the swimming pool facility and few other facilities are no more available in the Mumbai campus.

Students may also note that facilities available are subject to change.

Campus Locations:

All the IIPM campuses are located in the heart of the city and are well connected with public transport facilities from every corner of the city. This is planned specially keeping student's convenience in mind. IIPM’s campus in Delhi is the only International Campus, which is spread over 3.5 acres of lush greenery among landscaped gardens and is hence at a marginal distance away from the city centre.