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MS University Mark Sheets & Degrees

All ISBE students who have been registered with Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and wish to apply for their consolidated mark sheets and other testimonials, including their degrees, should note the following important points.

The issuance of university mark sheets, university testimonials and university degrees are governed as per the University's rules and regulations and are controlled completely by the university. IIPM has no role whatsoever to play in the same. IIPM has been, in good faith, coordinating students¹ queries with the university till recently. Going forward, MS University students are advised to directly contact the University for the issuance of the MS University mark sheets, testimonials and degrees.

MS University students should also note that in the year 2013, following delay in issuance of mark sheets, a few ISBE students had filed a writ petition before the Hon'ble Court in W.P.(MD) No.9689 of 2013 for declaring their MS University results. The Hon¹ble Court, after perusing the issues, vide order dated 31.07.2013 was pleased to allow the said writ petition and directed Manonmaniam Sundaranar University to declare the results of the said students and issue mark sheets. The Honourable Judge mentioned in the order, ³As per Clause 18 of the Memorandum of Understanding dated 22.04.2009, it is the responsibility of the University to evaluate the examinations and award degrees to the students.....² The Honourable Judge also passed the order which stated... ³In support of the above pleadings, copies of the memorandum of understanding dated 22.04.2009, entered into between the respondents... and proof of payment made on 19.12.2011 by IIPM to MS University, have been enclosed in the typed set of papers. The averments made by the petitioner in the affidavit have not been disputed by MS University....² The Hon'ble judge further noted, ³Hence, there shall be a direction to the Registrar, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, to declare the results of the petitioners and issue mark sheets.²

Subsequently, in December 2013, 1527 ISBE students who had additionally enrolled in MS University filed a petition in the Madurai High Court for getting their degrees released. The petitioner students had quoted in their petition as follows: ³The Petitioners have communicated with MS University and IIPM to know the status of their pending results and have also asked them to provide them with relevant documents. IIPM has substantially assisted the students all along and responded satisfactorily to all queries of the Petitioners, and the Petitioners admit and realize that there is no fault of IIPM in this issue. MS University is the one completely at fault and has not responded at all to the Petitioners' queries and has continued stonewalling all attempts by Petitioners to get their pending marks and testimonials.² Post this petition, the Hon'ble Judge gave the order (February 2014, Madurai High Court Order No.20201/2/3/4 of 2013): ³Considering the same, these writ petitions are allowed and MS University is directed to release the mark sheets, provisional certificates and degree certificates of the petitioners within a period of four weeks from the date of receipt of a copy of this order.²

Following this, in September 2014, the lawyer for the 1527 students filed a contempt case against the university for not following the February 2014 order of the Hon¹ble Madurai High Court. The contempt case is still proceeding in the Madurai High Court and the order is awaited.

Therefore, any student who is a part of this petition may await the order depending on which they may collect their mark sheets, testimonials and degrees from the University directly.

Students who are not part of the above mentioned petition, may approach an appropriate judicial bench to request their inclusion as per legal allowance in the above mentioned contempt petition.

MS University students should also note that notwithstanding the above mentioned court orders and contempt petition, the university has also put up a notice on their website ( instructing students to collect their mark sheets and provisional certificates on payment of certain amounts. Students should note that any student wishing to follow the procedure advised by MS University in the mentioned link, may do so of their own volition and free will. IIPM has no role to play in this and has nothing to do with MS University. IIPM¹s role was purely to coordinate admissions and the court order clearly validates that it's MSU's responsibility to provide the mark sheets and degrees thus, further on, IIPM has no liabilities in this issue.

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