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Dare to think Beyond the IITs!

IIPM offers a Unique Opportunity to 10+2 students to save 2 to 3 years by doing a UGP* as well as a Post Graduate Degree in Management in only three years after school!


The students further go for two study tours abroad during their three years.



It has been observed that PGP education is offered to students of all graduation streams (History, Biology, Geography, Engineering etc.) therefore, making it obvious that PGP education academically has got nothing to do with graduation. Thus, IIPM has come up with this unique Masters Level Programme in Entrepreneurship at undergraduate level. Students in the first year are given a bridge course which enables them to face the more tedious next two years. In the next two years students do the same course that IIPM offers in its Post Graduate level course. THUS, STUDENTS AT IIPM DO A MASTERS LEVEL COURSE IN PLANNING AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP even at an under graduate level. Upon completion of the course students become eligible for an additional UGP degree from an Indian University. However, since the students have actually undertaken a MASTER’s LEVEL COURSE, all students are also eligible for a PG DEGREE in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION from IMI, Europe, upon completion of 2 years of work ex. after passing out of IIPM. *IIPM does not award degrees or teach IMI's courses. IIPM awards certificates in planning and entrepreneurship. The degrees are awarded by IMI to opting students in recognition of the excellence of a part of the institute's courses. The UGP degree is also awarded by MS University, a UGC recognized Government university. IIPM is an onsite academic partner of MS University and the UGP and BCA programmes are offered under the Directorate of Distance and Continuing Education of the University.


"Bowing down to unnecessary family pressures, students in India mostly don’t try to think what they want in life. Thus, for example, A MAJOR TREND IS TO MINDLESSLY START PREPARATIONS FOR IIT ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS, often as early as in class IXth at the cost of undertaking activities they are passionate about. Consequently, two categories of students emerge. One, who don’t make it to the IITs, and think it’s almost the end of the world for them-though nothing can be more ridiculous than that. And second, those who get through! This is a more interesting case study. Every IIT student’s education is subsidised by lacs of rupees by the state with a hope that they will give back to the nation their engineering prowess. However, about 80% of them are later found taking admissions in various PGP courses around the globe. NOTHING CAN BE A BIGGER WASTE OF THE NATION’S RESOURCES. The apparent justification is that engineering and PGP make a better combination which is a big myth. By the time students pass out of an PGP course,they don’t remember much of what they learnt in engineering; and their typical post-PGP career preferences like investment banking, consulting, etc. clearly reveal that after exposure to the dynamic and exciting world of management, THEY DON”T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEIR ENGINEERING PAST. IF YOUR ULTIMATE AIM IS TO STUDY MANAGEMENT, then plan now, save 2 important years of life, and in the process help the nation save on some of its important resources!! BE FREE OF COMPLEXES... think ahead and get the education that you will enjoy... because success comes to those who chase their passions!!!”

IIPM offers one of the best programmes superior to UGP level programmes in India. The various Under Graduate programs offered by IIPM’s affiliate, ICHE are: