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IMP: This page is purely for general information dissemination. For specific details about any course, programme and any other detail, kindly contact your respective, nearest campus.


1. What are the programmes offered by ISBE and what is its relation with IIPM?
IIPM has started ISBE ie Indian School of Business and Economy, to offer its excellent education for the masses as a part of its VALUE EDUCATION initiative. ISBE programmes are cost effective yet retain IIPM's high quality edge. There are various programmes as stated in the home page of the website.


2. How does one apply to ISBE?

For all questions relating to applications, admissions and financial aid please refer to IIPM's FAQ page.


3. Does AICTE/UGC recognise ISBE programmes in Planning and Entrepreneurship?

No. IIPM has never sought any statutory recognition from any body for any of its programmes. However students doing ISBE programmes also have the choice of additionally and independently, of their own choice, undertaking degree programmes from universities like Manonmaniam Sundaranar (MS) University, Tamil Nadu through the Directorate of Distance Learning of the respective universities.

4. What is the kind of tie up with outside universities?
Students of IIPM/ISBE of specific batches can additionally of their own choice and independently enrol into university degree programs, like those of MS University. As per MS University, for example, the programs are offered as per the UGC norms and regulations through the distance learning mode. This is the same case with any other university where the students may additionally wish to get enrolled of their own independent choice. IIPM/ISBE has no role to play in university issues (including admission, course mode, testimonials issuance etcetera) and simply assists the students in co-ordinating with the university and assists them during the conduct of the examinations.

5. Are the university programmes offered by distance learning mode?
Yes, as per the respective universities, the courses are offered through the distance education mode only and not through the full time mode. For example, the degree courses of MS University are offered by MS University through the Directorate of Distance Education at MS University and are offered as per the UGC norms; at ISBE, students are imparted the ISBE programme on a full time mode.

Additionally, the exams of MS University are held from distance learning mode from the various centers of ISBE for the sake of convenience to the students. Although the programme comes under the Distance Education Mode, none of the degrees/mark sheets of MS University mention distance education, as per the testimonial copies received.

6. So students doing these programmes join ISBE or the respective University?
And can they say they are students of IIPM?

No, students can't say they are students of IIPM. They can say they are students of IIPM's ISBE. And students join ISBE to do their full time programmes of ISBE which lead to certification from ISBE. But all students of ISBE have the additional option of getting independently and additionally enrolled into university programmes of their own choice and volition.

7. Does ISBE offer its own degrees?
No. ISBE only offers its certificates. The degrees are offered by the respective universities to all students who additionally get enrolled into the university programme and successfully complete the same as per University norms.

8. Do students need to pay any additional fees to the universities for their programmes?
All fees details should be found out by the student directly from the University which holds the jurisdiction and prerogative for the same. The students should get the full clarify of all fees involved on their own before they register for the University programme.

9. Who is responsible for deciding on university issues, including university programme mode (distance versus full time), university admission, university certificates, university mark sheets, degrees, other testimonials issued by the university? Will ISBE take the responsibility for the same?
No. The complete responsibility with respect to the above mentioned university details including but not limited to admission, certificates and testimonials is the prerogative of the university and is purely the responsibility of the university. ISBE can at best assist the students in coordinating with the university. Any certificate issued by the university whether related to ISBE/IIPM/the student is the sole responsibility of the university and the students should get full clarity on any and every university programme detail before joining the programme.


10. How are the placements at ISBE?

ISBE is a new initiative at IIPM. However, the institute will make the best efforts to provide the best possible placement assistance for its students. The assistance to students is provided ex-gratia and without any obligation. For all further placement related questions, please refer to IIPM's FAQ page. However, it may be noted that since the programmes of IIPM are with dual specialization and with global exposure so IIPM students have better placement opportunities and packages.


11. What are the other things ISBE stands proud of?

The institute is proud that it has been able to take IIPM's high quality education to the masses of India who did not have very many great options to get such excellent quality of education. The only thing we guarantee is great education. We are proud of the fact that our parent institution IIPM has such a great reputation and has achieved excellence in this country. Students benefit from IIPM faculty, placement systems, and years of research orientation.

All the above tie ups were applicable only for students joining IIPM's new initiative for masses - ISBE from 2009 to 2012/13. ISBE has been discontinued from academic year 2013.