Power Brands 2010-11| Power Brands 2010-11

Power Brands 2010-11

India being one of the fastest growing markets in the world is poised to be one of the most vibrant battlefields for the Brands. With the ever increasing spends on branding and investments in developing brand equity, a need for a knowledge property focused on researching, analyzing and effectively presenting brand performance and brand valuation has emerged naturally. With this firm belief and having discussed this ideology with the top management representatives of the leading brands of India, the Knowledge Management wing of Planman initiated the maiden project. The objective was to work extensively and churn out with one of the most admired and only Brand Bible envisioning to be the research based referral and barometer for a Brands status, equity and positioning in the Marketplace. The intent is to deliver participants and various stake holders’ valuable Knowledge assets, insights and analysis for a Brand’s planning & strategy development. The efforts resulted in the first edition of Power brands 2010 in paperback and coffee table book edition.

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