Power Women| Power Women

An ICPAR-IIPM Think Tank publication on women leaders. A 4P\'s B&M Quarterly Supplement.

The 40-page Power Women supplement celebrates the achievements of women in the corporate world. It throws light on how women have risen through the ranks outside the boardroom too. But we are going to be partial to women who've sunk their teeth into business and economy. So typically, when you pick up a copy of Power Women, you'll get to read what the track record of some of the best-known women CEOs has been, what their views on the nitty-gritty of running a corporate house are, and what tips they can give you on how not to miss the woods for the trees. We'll also applaud the grit, hard work and talent of women who are bureaucrats, lawyers, scientists, defense personnel and activists. No, you aren't going to navigate through any sob stories in this supplement. You'll get inspiring stories on how to convert an obstacle into an opportunity, or, how you make a good business better. And you'll also get value addition by way of columns and advisories

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