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ABN Amro

As the Brand and city launch advisors Planman Marcom delivered a comprehensive activation and promotion solution to ABN AMRO, who had just set up their new branch in the city, it was very important for them to tap the desired target group. Planman was engaged to execute the launch on ground. We approached one of the most elite clubs of the city to tie-up for golf training sessions, the latest buzz in the city then, for the desired target group. ABN AMRO sponsored the gold training sessions for which the club members did not have to pay anything, all they had to do was to register themselves and they could get a free training session. The club area was covered with ABN AMRO’s branding. The turn up ratio was 90% of the club’s existing member database, who were seen spending a relaxed day with their family at the event.


Adventure Island

Planman Marcom activation created a Float road Show at Market Places & Corporate hubs in Delhi & NCR with the objective to announce the opening of the new theme park in Great India place, Noida. The team conceptualized and created a fun filled Float which was stationed at key markets /corporate creating a buzz in town about Adventure Island .The host played various games revolving around the theme park and handed over free entry coupons .This ground –level activation lead huge number of walk-ins to the park.


Aircel PGTI- Pro Am

Planman Activation conceptualized, planned and executed activation - Aircel PGTI Pro Am Venue/City Golf Course Pan India 2010 & 11. The objective was to build an association with the golfing community (cxo level executives) to create an edge in telecom services. Creating a wonderful golfing experience for amateurs who are invited through rigorous response management .Adding to the experience the Aircel special guest are given their picture clicked while playing in branded photo frame.

Aircel INQ

Planman Marcom Activations planned and delivered a promotion at key Pubs -Fbar & Turquoise cottage , New Delhi. Aircel introduced the INQ handset amongst the youth as a social networking phone. Event designed , conceptualized & executed called INQ nites highlighted through various elements – SMS blast , in – venue Branding (glow signs) , Branded balloons ,Insta pictures handed over to the crowd in branded INQ photo frames , INQ Cake , DJ Mentions , Lucky draw. INQ nites were the most memorable club nite created.

Planman Marcom delivered a BTL Promotion solution –in key markets of New Delhi . To give the TG a touch and feel of the handset through product demonstration & Sales.INQ kiosk was stationed in key markets giving TG a hand on experience of the product .Branded phone buddies moved around the market greeting people & handing

Aircel Dialer Tunes

Planman Marcom Activation planned and executed a series of events in Aircel Office Premises, Pan India. The objective was to educate the internal employees about the new product launch Aircel Dialer tune.As the service highlights- Flaunt your mood- thematic zone was created wherein the employee was enticed by the brand promoter to spin the wheel to the mood he/she is in. If the mood on the wheel matches the participant were given mood badges.

Aircel Telecom Expo

Planman Activations delivered an end to end Exhibition solution for- Telecom Expo 2008 & 2009 at Pragati Maidan ,New Delhi. The objective was to highlight the Value added services offered by Aircel. The team conceptualized & designed an Innovative display focusing on each product offered by Aircel. The PGTI Golf & IPL association was highlighted through gaming zones created wherein the brand promoters enticed the walk-in’s to participate and win branded merchandise.

My Aircel

Planman Marcom activations excuted an In office promotion with the objective of introducing & educating internal employees about the new product ‘My Aircel’. A unique concept of Match my Aircel game (known as memory game) was created with grids having My Aircel logo on one side & icons related to the service on the other. Employees had to match the service to the icon in limited & win branded merchandise.

Aircel launch Campaign

Float Activation solution in High catchment area in Delhi & NCR was delivered by the activation team to create a buzz around the new Telecom brand in the market. A float following the theme ‘Explore the world of possibility’ with Aircel provided the Delhi-ites ample entertainment with a rock band performing to hit numbers making the crowd groove to Aircel tune.

Aircel MSN PI

Planman Marcom activations planned and promoted the- MSN PI Launch at Aircel office premises Pan India. The objective was to educate the employees about the collaboration between MSN & Aircel and to entice them to avail the service offered. A demo zone was created on the theme ‘Emperor ‘to highlight the product Rule the world at Rs.5 and entice employees to take demos all the participants who availed the service were given a chance to get their emperor caricature made by the professional artist .Brand promoter played a quiz on the internet world with the employees which entitled one out of them to be crowned the Emperor of the Day.

Aircel- Save Our Tiger

The Brand was undertaking a PR Exercise in collaboration with NDTV. To support the on-ground initiatives of Save Our Tiger campaign by NDTV Planman Marcom Activation was engaged to deliver an end to end solution. Malls in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai were covered. Aircel provided an opportunity to concerned citizens to voice out their opinions and contribute to the cause. Brand promoters educated people and entice them to join hands in the social cause.

Aircel Mobile Donation Campaign

A Promotion- Donate your old handset was planned and executed in Malls & COCO in Metro cities. The objective was to create awareness about the CSR initiative by Aircel to become a medium to donate the old handset to the help the aged. Brand promoter stationed at the malls & coco's educated TG to donate their old working or non-working phone to Aircel by dropping it in the drop box. The phones would then be given to an old age home with a free one year talk time.

Aircel Convergence India

Planman Marcom activation planned and excuted the Brands presence at the Convergence India- 2009 . The objective was to showcase new-age technologies and merging business solutions provided by Aircel. An innovative display showcasing business solutions provided by Aircel was delivered to attract the SME's. Brand icons moved around highlighting each product at the exhibition.

Aircel Golf Clinic

Planman Marcom Activation planned and executed a Golf Clinic for HNI's at Tolleygang Golf Course- Kolkata. The objective was to Connect to the HNI on the golf platform. A golf clinic was made the engagement platform by inviting HNI‘s through rigorous response management, invitation delivery & memorable on-site golfing experience.

Aircel Participation Event

Planman Marcom Activations planned and executed the Brands presence in an event- Seagram fashion Fiesta 2010 at Intercontinental Eros- New Delhi. The objective was to ensure highlighting of Aircel’s presence at the event. A display zone was created highlighting the blackberry service & INQ handsets by Aircel .Brand promoters interacted with the guest of the fiesta giving them hand on experience on the handset.

Aircel COCO Inauguration

Planman Marcom activations undertook the COCO inauguration event in Delhi. A primed in fascia in thematic décor complementing to the brand colors was made.

Aircel COCO Launch

Planman Marcoms Activations was assigned the task of planning and execution of company outlets in Punjab and Haryana . A One stop shop for their customers now in Punjab. A Pre hype was created by covering the whole building with red satin cloth with the message coming soon. The curtain launch unveiling the store followed by the ribbon cutting, lamp lighting ceremony .The brand promoters interacted with the audience educating them about Aircel and its services. Emcee enticed the TG to participate in the activities to win free merchandise from Aircel.

Aircel HR Competency Pledge

Planman Marcom activations planned and executed an event-HR Competency Pledge at theAircel Corporate office/Gurgaon with the objective-To launch the 7 competencies amongst the employees. A life size canvas kite created for the employees to come and pledges for their core competency by giving the hand impression represented by a color on the kite. The kite was later framed and kept as a remembrance of employee participation.

Aircel Hr. Academy Session

A HR Academy Session was organized by Planman. Organize a session for the training, Development and employee system education in the office premises. Provided the conference setup including the Audio & video requirement.

Aircel Facebook Activation

Planman Marcom planned and executed the Aircel Voice Facebook Launch at Aircel Office Premises pan India . The idea was to educate the employees about voice face book service that now people can voice their status update on face book. A Display Zone created at the office reception. The brand promoters enticed the employees to voice their update on Aircel face book page. The best voice update through the day was gratified.

Aircel Super Cricket League

Planman Marcom activations executed the event for Aircel. A display zone complementing to the theme was created where promoter interacted with the audience to play virtual cricket on the wii ninendo game. Group of cheer leaders dance on Aircel tune on a 4s and 6s.


Akme Projects (The Anil Nanda Group)

Planman Marcom undertook a corporate promotion assignment through a BTL activation - Announcing & creating awareness of Akme’s upcoming housing projects. A niche Akme zone was created at Multi-corporate cafeterias eg.Cyber greens .Hostesses interacted with the corporate employees creating awareness of the projects & capturing their details for future reference.


Akzo Nobel-Dulux

Planman was contracted by the client to create awareness amongst the contractors about the Dulux weather shield 5 degree cooler paint. Brand promoters stationed at the outlets educated walk-ins about the Dulux weather shield 5 degree cooler paint by giving them a demonstration on the demo box created giving the temperature comparison of Dulux and ordinary paint.



Planman Marcom activation planned and executed an In-store Merchandising strategy at Retail Stores in IT Hubs of Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi. The objective was to Create high visibility in store for Benq Joybook U 101.Trained merchandisers were engaged in branded retail stores in IT Hubs by placing buntings, posters, danglers & standees leading to high visibility.


Bvlgari Perfumes

Planman Marcom activation was contracted to plan and launch & display the new range of perfumes by Bvlgari. Teams created the Bvlgari perfume zone as per the brand guildlines at key retail stores. Sales team educated shoppers of the new variants and enticing them to test. On every purchase a sampler was given free.



Planman Marcom were retained to deliver a Below the line solution and activation plan and execution. A Castrol Bike zone activity was planned and executed by the advisory group. The objective was to introduce Silver, Gold & platinum membership card for biker owners highlighting the after sales service. The promotion included deployment of volunteers at Castrol Bike Zones educating the bike owners of the benefits of the membership card & the after sales package provided by Castrol. This activation generated huge response amongst the TG.


Citi Financial

Planman Marcom was retained to create a breakthrough BTL engagement strategy and execute activation on ground. The challenge was to change perceptions in Indian mindsets about Loan Against Property (Mortgage). A Citi Financial Float was designed with a house in a dome generating Indian rupees showcasing that a mortgage is only & only beneficiary for the people .The loan can be used to for start a new ventures.The activities were carried out in High footfall Markets in Delhi, Punjab & Haryana.


Colgate Palmolive Hand wash

Planman Marcom BTL undertook a Promotion advisory and execution involving Wet Sampling in stores, Restaurants & Gyms Pan India The objective was to increase Product Awareness & Trails for the new variant of Palmolive Hand wash. The Team Planned & Placed Palmolive Hand wash in the top 20 Restaurants & Gyms washroom with wobblers & poster branding. Brand promoters were stationed at modern trade outlets educating the TG about the new variant & the sales offer.


Dhanalaxmi Bank

Planman Marcom advisory was retained as a BTL partner to deliver a brand promotion solution. The task was to spread awareness & increase walk-ins to the new branch launched. Human Billboards with branded Bag packs mobbed the market drawing attention to the message being delivered - ‘Dhanalaxmi Bank now open in your vicinity'. Reporter enacting took live bytes of people around on their expressions of the new branch opening creating buzz & Hype.


Hindustan Unilever Limited Sunsilk & Fair & Lovely

To generate trails for the new variants launched by HUL in the hair care range (Sun silk) & skincare (fair & lovely), Planman Marcom planned and executed an instore promotion campaign. Brand promoters stationed at General store approached the walk-ins to initiate trials & entice sales through the consumer promo running for the product.


Fortis Health world

Planman Marcom BTL team Conceptualized and executed a market activation highlighting ‘Good health for Life’ by girls dressed like Santa's rung the bell & wished the customers good health for life during Christmas season distributed goodies from Fortis Health world. This helped in Creating Brand awareness & there by increase footfalls in Fortis stores. Fortis Health world-Planman Marcom Activation conceptualized and executed market activation for a period of 3 weekends across Delhi & NCR educating TG about the Fortis Health world loyalty Card and the benefits entice them to enroll.


Godfrey Philips –Igen & Stellar

Planman Marcom Activation was retained to plan and execute an Activation strategy. The strategy was developed and executed by undertaking a Profiling & Data base management exercise in Delhi, Mumbai & Pune. The objective was To create brand loyalty through various brand engagements (legally allowed). The team Created a data profiling structure & management for the data collected through various Horace promotions. A call center was setup at Delhi & Mumbai to profile 1lakh smokers to know their interests eg. Movies, Clubbing, Adventure to develop a calendar of focused event leading to brand connect.



Planman Marcoms activation team was contracted was tasked to plan & execute Hathway’s presence at Media Expo New Delhi. An Innovative display was created keeping in mind the products & services to be highlighted. Trained Hosts & hostesses interacted with the customers to educate them about Hathaway and generated a great response & sales queries.



Planman Marcom activation was retained by the client to plan and execute a new product launch in the Gujrat market. An event was planned and executed using at the Himalaya Mall, Ahmedabad with the promotion of Pleasure’s new colour WHITE PRESTINE. An attractive setup was created at Himalaya mall. Some interesting games were designed to pull the crowd. The anchor and promoters conducted these games using the punch line.. Further test drives of the vehicle were given & data base of people participating in any manner was taken.


Hindustan Times

Planman Marcom activation team was contracted by the Media giant and organized a career fair in Patna to open wide horizon for the ambitious youth. Branded as- Nai Dishayen’ Career Fair, the Fair earmarked tremendous response of over 3500 students present looking forward to explore new horizons and varied courses offered by institutes from outside Patna.


Hindustan Unilever Limited

To celebrate the Hindustan Unilever annual day planman was retained as the Event Management partner. The team Conceptualized , designed and executed the theme ‘Leverites Ka Tadka’. The employees were trained by a professional chorographer on Bollywood medleys & also created a chorus anthem on the theme performed on stage. The event culminated into a fun filled & enthralling experience for the entire HUL team.


ING Vysya

Planman Marcom activations was contracted to execute events for the company. The Company wanted to generate lead, for which we suggested school competition. Students belonging to the primary section could participate in the drawing competition and students belonging to the higher secondary could participate in the essay writing competition. The participation form had details 25 schools participated from the city of Ahmedabad. All the participants were given participation forms and the winners were given ipods, laptops, etc.


INQ @ Malls

Promotion solution was provided by Planman Marcom Activations in form of Mall Activations in cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai. The objective was to introduce the Social networking phone from the house of Aircel to the youth. An innovative display zone created to demonstrate the social networking handset amongst the TG by brand promoters. The emcee interacted with the audience engaging them in various product related games.



Planman Marcom activation planned and executed a Corporate engagement program in Delhi & NCR for a period of 2 months. The idea was give the TG hand- on experience of LG world class laptops & Desktops & induce sales. To generate maximum response the corporate activity was executed at multi corporate building giving the activity more reach. Canopy based promotion wherein the promoters educated the employees about the corporate scheme available for on-spot bookings and enticed them to have a hand on experience.

LG Mobiles

Planman Marcom provided an end to end activation solution to exhibit LG Mobiles in Mobile Asia focusing on the new mobile launch. It Provided LG mobiles a thematic entertainment platform for the exhibition by getting Peter May the illusionist to showcase exemplary acts , Zenith dance troupe to unveil Viewty to the general public , renowned photographer Akashi das highlighting the features of Viewty (high resolution camera) & the host who enthralled the audience with exciting games revolving around the mobile.

LG at- Coolex & Acrex 2008 /2009

Planman Marcom delivered a comprehensive activation solution. To exhibit the best technology solution to the visitor in the refrigeration & Air condition category at Expo Centre , Greater Noida. The team conceptualized and designed the display focusing on each category of Air conditioners and refrigerators .Our brand promoters educated the walk-in would the products & their features giving buyers hand-on experience. The entire length of the exhibition generated huge response and leads.



HUL chose Planman Marcom’s activation expertise to promote the new launch at the ground level. HUL’s promotion for one its leading brand Lifebuoy has related itself to good health and hygiene since its inception. Planman was engaged to promote it among students. Students from city based schools were gathered at a venue where there were various activities were arranged for these students like cricket, boxing, puppet show, etc. also there were mascots present through the activity. Sakshi Tanwar, a popular television personality was present at the event. A rally was led by Sakshi Tanwar alongwith 5000 students per city, supporting Health awareness. The kids were given food and takeaways from Lifebouy.



The client contracted Planman Marcom to create Brand awareness amongst the Target audience through on-ground engagement solution. In the background of a continuing the world cup fever, the team conceptualized and designed a thematic display zone during the IPL Season. Props like cutouts of cricket ball , bat ,pitch & score board highlighting Lloyd 55 years not out gave the entire exercise the cricket ambience .The 6 EMI offer was announced as a sixer for the Purchasers. The host engaged with the audience playing cric & product games. Brand promoters educated the customers about the Product range & their features.


Luxottica Group

Planman conceptualized and executed an end to end activation solution to exhibit & highlight the range of Luxottica eyewear - Killer loop, Rayban, Vogue during the sunglass festival of Shopper stop. The team Conceptualized and Designed a Luxottica zone in shopper stop where our host interacted with the customers engaging them in games revolving around the brand and giving away branded merchandise. This did lead to a high brand recall.

Luxottica Eye Wear

Planman Marcom BTL team conceptualized, planned and executed an In-store promotion at Retail Outlets in Metro Cities. The Objective was to introduce purchase offers to walk-ins at retail outlet thereby increase sales for Versace, D&G,Vogue , Bvlgari, Killer loop, Ray ban etc brands. Our sales representative were placed at key retail outlets giving an effective sales pitch to customers .This activation resulted in high number of sales.

Luxottica Group

At the Van Heusen Menz Week/ Vogue at Hyaat Hotel , New Delhi Planman Marcom activation conceptualized and delivered an end to end exhibition solution. The pavilion exhibited the Luxottica range of eyewear as the most fashionable brand amongst the fashion fraternity. The Luxottica lounge was conceptualized and created with display counters. Our brand promoters interact with the who’s who – Page 3 crowd enticing them to try on the sunglasses as per their face structure.


Mahindra 2 Wheelers

Planman Marcom was contracted to plan and execute a Brand launch in Jaipur. An activity planned to create the brand awareness of Mahindra 2 Wheelers in Jaipur was undertaken. The idea was to have brand visibility and create hype in the city, generate enquiries for the dealers through doing rally in entire city. 15 Mahindra vehicles with promoters wearing branded T-shirts and carrying branded flags. The activity started from each dealer location per day with Dhol wala playing on the back side of vehicles covering entire city in 3 days.


Mapsko Builders

Planman Marcom activation team designed & executed the Mapsko Builder stall highlighting all the projects. The same was done at Diwali Fair at Dilli Haat Pitampura, New Delhi. The objective was to create awareness about the projects by Mapsko builders during the festive season.


Max New York Life Insurance

Planman Marcom BTL team was engaged to Educate Parents about the Child Plan product by Max New York Life through Mall promotions. Max New York zone was created with cut outs of a pilot , doctor ,cricketer placed. Parents were enticed to get their child and pose on the cutout child wants to be once he/she grows up. Pictures were captured and delivered to their homes by an insurance agent. The activity generated enormous response amongst families.



Planman Marcom activation planned and launched E guru for NIIT- the school learning solution. The launch was executed amongst the education experts by demonstrating live Lab during the event. The team Provided End-to-end solutions starting from response management to post event follow-up .The response of the principles in all cities was tremendous.



Planman Activation planned executed an in-store promotion strategy to showcase the range of sunglasses by Luxottica group – Oakley..Planman Marcom’s Delivery team Designed , conceptualized & executed a golfing experience for customers in Shopper stop highlighting Oakley as a sporty brand. Customers participating had to putt 3 holes to win branded exciting merchandise from Oakley. This activation lead to high recall & brand exposure.



Planman Marcom Activation advisory developed and executed an in-store merchandising promotion plan. This was executed by creating visibility & prominence in multi-brand outlets. Merchandising module was created keeping in mind brand guidelines .Merchandisers were trained Pan India as the module to place branding elements for all range of Panasonic electronics generating high visibility amongst the competitor brands.


Quick Heal (Anti-virus)

Planman Marcom undertook a BTL and activation contarct to conduct a field promotion campaign in order to create awareness & educating TG about Quick heal Antivirus software. The Float promotion was executed in IT Markets of Chennai, Bangalore & Chandigarh. An awareness & education drive on wheels tapping TG through various interactive activities revolving around Quick Heal. Brand promoters tapped the right TG highlighting the product & capturing their details.


Reliance Net Connect

Planman Marcom Activation was retained by the client to execute ground level mass activation. The canopy mass activation across residential areas was delieverd across metro cities. Live demonstration of Reliance high speed net connects at the management institutes & corporate was undertaken. Brand Promoters interacted with the crowd inducing trials highlighting the Speed and captured their details for data management.


Samsonite Traveler Bags

Planman Marcom activation advisory was retained to plan and exceute a Brand promotion exercise in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. With the objective of Creating Awareness & hype around Samsonite’s newly launched Cosmolite Traveler bags promotions at point of sale and shopping malls were undertaken. .Highlighting the USP ‘Light Weighed’, the travel bags where floated in the air around the display zone created in the malls with Helium balloons generating an eye catching experience.



Planman Marcom activation was retained to concepulise, plan and excute the Samsung pavilion at the International Trade Fair (IITF)Venue – Pragati Maidan/ New Delhi. The objective was to Exhibit & give the customers a hand-on experience on the Range of Samsung Home appliance. The team conceptualized, designed & executed the 14 day trade fair for Samsung Home Appliances providing them end –to-end solutions. Our brand promoters educated the walk-in about the products & their features giving them hand-on expereince. The entire length of the exhibition generated huge response & leads.

Samsung Home Appliances

At the India Hospitality Fair Planman Marcom activation was retained to plan and executed Samsungs pavilion and presence. Planman Marcom Conceptualized and designed the display focusing on each category of home appliances and maximum branding visibility from all sides. Our brand promoters educated the walk-in would the products & their features giving them a hand-on experience. The Samsung pavilion in the exhibition generated huge response & leads.

To highlight the Diwali bonanza offer for the Home appliance range, hence increase sales Samsung engaged Planman Marcom activation to plan and execute a promotion plan. Display zones were created in Key malls across Delhi encouraging demonstrations & on-spot bookings. Our host played various games revolving around the product & Diwali celebrations creating fun & joy.

Samsung Laptops & Digital cameras

Samsung contracted Planman Marcom activation to deliver a brand promotion campaign. The execution was aimed at riding the wave on the soccer season by creating a soccer experience through Samsung Digital camera & laptops. Planman Marcom- Created the theme ‘Samsung Soccer Mania’ with a soccer zone created in the mall along with the Samsung display zone. The Emcee enticed the youth to come and play soccer & win exciting prizes. The soccer zone had immense participation from the crowd creating a high recall.



Planman Marcom advisory was retained to plan and deliver a Brand promotion strategy through activation. It planned and executed a Multicity Exhibition module created to showcase the Sansui product line created awareness & generating leads. End-to-End solution was provided i.e from booking the venue to creating the exhibition kit to fabricating on site & management in multiple cities.


SRS Mall

Planman Marcom activation conceptualized & executed a 7 day long valentine festival. The thematic was created giving the entire mall a love struck feel with heart shaped balloons spread across .Lots of couple games, photo opt, roses being handed over to walk-in to give the shoppers a wonderful experience.


Tata Motors

The client retained Planman Marcom Activation to plan and execute new launches at ground level in cities.Two of the cars Indica Dicor and Indigo CS were to be promoted. Planman Marcom conducted society activation that comprised of competitions for kids and test drives and information sharing about the cars. A refined list was prepared of the societies where the residents would belong to the upper middle class. Prior permissions were taken from the authorities for every society to conduct the activity. 8 such societies were covered. To inform the residents, a promoter would go and invite them to be a part of the event where they could get a test drive and the kids could be a part of the car racing & drawing competition.


The Great India Place

Planman Marcom Activation conceptualized & executed a 14 day long ‘Splurge’ the great shopping festival in Great India Place- To increase walk-ins to the mall during the festive season. The thematic was created giving the entire mall a festive feel .Lots of Diwali offers, games, prizes , entertainment was the content of the festival. Tarot reader , caricature artist & the story telling area for kids was a hit amongst the shoppers.


Toshiba laptops

Planman Marcom Activation was retained to plan and deliver the Brand launch among the trade community. The solution included a 13 Multicity dealer launch for new range of Toshiba Laptops, Planman Marcom conceptualized & created the theme, Toshiba‘s ‘Master Piece’. Execution included fabricating an artful stage & out of the world performance by Peter May the illusionist unveiling each product through different acts.


TVS Scooty

Planman Marcom Activation advisory planned and executed a brand awareness and promotion strategy through activation. It executed a roadshow activation plan for the brand. The activity was undertaken witrh the intention to create the product’s awareness amongst teenagers. The canter went across the designed route covering all the major colleges in the respective cities. The bike was placed on the canter, where the public could get a look and feel of the product and the promoters distributed coupons for a free test ride at the nearest dealer showroom. A data generation activity was carried on the canter through a form that comprised of few simple questions that the individual had to answer to get a chance to win free laptops, desktops, MP3 players, etc. canopies were also set up at locations across the city offering free test rides and the data generation activity that was held at the canter too. Uniform pattern was followed for all the four cities that summed it up to a month long activity.



Planman Marcom Activation planned and executed the re-launch of the brand through promotion across a region. The event was planned for promotion and recall thru free sampling of 7-Up all over Gujarat by Planman Marcom.3 canters were designed for promotion of 7-Up.The branded canters of 7-Up covered 15 districts in Gujarat during 3 days.


Vogue Eyewear

Planman Marcom BTL tem was retained to conceptualize , plan and execute the instore promotions for the Brand and highlight the Valentine purchase offer on Vogue Eyewear thereby increase Sales It Created an In-store thematic to celebrate the valentine week with couple pictures being taken & handed over to them in branded Vogue frames on purchase of every Vogue eyewear .Purchasers were also entitled to a surprise bouquet & card which they could get delivered to their loved one on 14th February as a surprise.


Worlds of Wonder

To Create awareness about the offering by World of Wonder, Planman Marcom activation planned and executed a promotion campaign. A thematic zone was created in Great India Place where in shoppers were enticed to participate in various interactive games revolving around World of Wonders. Winners were gratified with free entry coupons to WOW. This mall activation lead to a lot of Buzz & word of mouth publicity.


World Space satellite Radio

Planman Marcom activation was engaged by World space satellite radio & showcase its offerings at Mobile Asia Expo. The activation and BTL team designed & conceptualized the demo zone by creating music stations. The walk-ins were enticed to come and hear their kind of music on the world space satellite radio. The exhibition had high number of sales.