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IIPM has been a leader in Industry Interface in India; and has consistently been ranked very highly in various surveys. However, IIPM believes that there is no other institutes in India and very few globally which can match IIPM’s industry interface quality and depth. In most institutes (especially in India) Industry Interface is limited to industry visits, guest lectures and seminars and events organised by the institute. In the same IIPM is definitely the leader. View

At IIPM we believe this is just a fraction of what industry interface is supposed to be therefore like a handful of leading global institutes in the world, IIPM’s industry interface is all about working together with the corporate world and giving them hands on consulting solutions.

At IIPM a majority of permanent faculty members are simultaneously involved in providing live solutions to various dimensions of corporate problems in order to bring inside the classroom an unparalleled first hand, continuous industry interface experience.



IIPM faculty members lead each and every aspect of consulting solutions provided by Planman Consulting, IIPM’s management consulting arm. Apart from IIPM’s consulting initiatives, IIPM’s placements are also carried out by Planman Consulting, considered today as one of India’s leading consulting firms.


Planman Consulting on behalf of IIPM, as a part of their Global Outreach Programme, also regularly conducts & initiates compelling Chief-Executive forums, co partnering with faculties from the world’s foremost institutions and organizations like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Kellogg, Columbia GSB, Chicago GSB etc.