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Stage (The Performing Arts Club)

The Stage Club is the Performing Arts Club of IIPM which provides a platform for Management Students to explore their creativity, confidence level, communication skills and overall personality by organizing events like dramatics, role-plays, music competition, mono-acting competition, street-plays etc.

Dumb Charades at IIPM Gurgaon

IIPM Gurgaon conducted a Dumb Charades competition for all the current batches on 28th April, 2011.A game of dumb charades is always fun. Dumb charades is all about one person striving to help other participants or teammates guess the topic given to him or her. The catch lies in doing this without talking; only sign language is allowed. The team that guesses best and fastest wins the game. Students participated with a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm.

Movie time at IIPM Gurgaon

The Social Network is an invigorating and vital film that explores the moment at which Facebook was invented-through the warring perspectives of the super-smart young men who each claimed to be there at its inception. This movie was shown to all the current batches of IIPM Gurgaon and the affair was conducted in the institutes cafeteria.